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Episode 10, Season 02 - Empowering Future Leaders through Diversity with Yale College's Thomas Near

Tom Near imageThis captivating episode of “Yale College Voices” welcomes Thomas Near who is Saybrook Head of College, Professor and Chair of the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and the Bingham Oceanographic Curator of Ichthyology at the Yale Peabody Museum. Listeners will explore Tom Near's remarkable journey from his difficult youth, marked by personal challenges, to becoming an influential leader within the Yale College community, dedicated to fostering an environment of representation and inclusivity. 

Throughout the episode, host Darice Corey and Tom Near engage in a powerful discussion about the hurdles and successes of diversity initiatives at Yale College. Tom shares his firsthand experiences and highlights significant achievements, such as the increased retention and representation of underrepresented groups in STEM majors due to programs like Yale's foundations of biology. Furthermore, the discussion extends to the broader impact of having a diverse faculty, which not only enhances the learning environment but also significantly improves program rankings, creating a buzz of positive changes across campus. 

Moreover, the episode takes a personal turn as Tom recounts pivotal experiences that shaped his leadership and mentoring style. He emphasizes the value of empathy, understanding, and resilience in creating supportive spaces for students and professionals alike. His stories reveal the transformative power of embracing one’s past and using it to connect and lead with authenticity. 

This conversation also touches on broader systemic issues in higher education, such as the need for better representation of BIPOC students, reflecting on how these changes could foster a sense of belonging and encouragement among students. 

This episode of "Yale College Voices" presents a candid and inspiring exploration of how Tom’s personal history interweaves with his professional endeavors to produce environments where diversity is not only acknowledged but celebrated. Join us as we uncover the challenges, triumphs, and ongoing efforts to make Yale College a beacon of inclusivity and how such efforts can serve as a blueprint for other institutions striving toward similar goals.     

  • Podcast Host: Darice Corey | Senior Director of Web and IT Planning | Yale College Dean’s Office DEIB Advisory Committee Co-Chair 
  • Podcast Guest: Tom Near | Saybrook Head of College, Professor | Chair of the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology | The Bingham Oceanographic Curator of Ichthyology at the Yale Peabody Museum 
  • Video/Podcast Producer: Ryan McEvoy | Yale Broadcast Studio  Social Media Team and Content Creators: Lisa Dong ’24, Khulan Erdenedalai ’25, Will Gonzalez ’26, Corine Huang ’26, Esther Donald Mwakisambwe ’25, Marcos Membreno ’27, Ava Seymour ’27, Kai Zhang ’26 

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