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Episode 4: Emerging, Thriving, and Leading with Grace: Marisa Figueira's Yale Journey

Marisa Figueira photo

In this episode of Yale College Voices, we embark on a captivating exploration of Marisa Figueira's transformative journey at Yale. This narrative goes beyond the surface, unraveling the layers of Marisa's inspiring journey at Yale.

Marisa's story unfolds with pivotal moments, showcasing her dedication to growth, leadership, and the pursuit of excellence. From her impactful role in the Emerge Leadership program's inaugural cohort to steering the Yale College DEIB committee as the Executive Sponsor, Marisa's story is a testament to resilience and commitment in which she candidly shares the challenges of stepping into an established group. Her reflections on extending grace to oneself and others, drawn from her diverse background and experiences, add a layer of authenticity to the discussion.

This episode is not just a chronicle of Marisa's professional milestones; it's a nuanced exploration of her values and the impact of her early experiences. As we traverse her journey, we uncover the threads of compassion, social justice advocacy, and a commitment to fostering inclusive environments that run through the fabric of her leadership. The conversation provides listeners with valuable insights into the dynamic intersection of personal values and professional growth, offering inspiration for those navigating their own paths in the academic landscape.

In the spirit of exploration and growth, this episode invites listeners to reflect on their own professional narratives and consider the transformative power of leadership rooted in values, altruism, and a commitment to fostering positive change.

  • Podcast Host: Darice Corey | Director of Web and IT Planning | Yale College Dean's Office DEIB Advisory Committee Co-Chair
  • Podcast Guest: Marisa Figueira | Yale College Director of Operations | Executive Sponsor, Yale College DEIB Advisory Committee
  • Video/Podcast Producer: Ryan McEvoy | Yale Broadcast Studio
  • Social Media Team: Linden Skalak, Branford '26; Elora Kim, Jonathan Edwards '26

Yale College Voices Episode 4 Transcription (to come)


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Episode 4: Emerging, Thriving, and Leading with Grace: Marisa Figueira's Yale Journey