September 15, 2021 

Dear students, 

Your weekly COVID-19 testing has been an effective tool for reducing the chances of an outbreak in the community. Together with meeting vaccination requirements and following guidelines about gatherings, your testing has enabled the university to carry out its plans for in-person activities. Thank you for participating so regularly. 

Testing for unvaccinated students continues to be required twice weekly. And although testing for fully vaccinated students was originally scheduled through September, it will continue into October, and an end date has not yet been determined. The additional testing will enable public health officials to detect any changes in infection rates and respond to them promptly. I recognize that testing adds an obligation to your routine, and I am grateful for your cooperation. 

  • If you are fully vaccinated, continue to test once every seven days. 
  • If you are partially vaccinated or have received an exemption from vaccination, continue to test twice weekly, following your schedule in Yale Hub
  • If you receive a notification that you are overdue, act right away so that your ID access to campus buildings will stay active and to avoid being referred to the Compact Review Committee (the CRC), which considers failures to meet the Community Compact commitments. 
  • Make your appointments in advance at, ideally on the same time or times each week so that they become part of your standard routine. Same-day appointments are available. 
  • Bring your Yale ID with you to the test site, and have your MyChart QR code on your mobile device when you arrive at the check-in desk. 

If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, please acknowledge them during the scheduling process and self-schedule a symptomatic test. Remember that the symptoms of COVID can be quite mild and/or subtle. Stuffy nose, fatigue, mild headache may signal infection. Symptomatic tests are available every afternoon, seven days a week, at 109 Grove Street (Rosenfeld Hall). Note that these are no longer the deep nasal swabs but obtained through the same process as asymptomatic tests. These results are sent to a Yale lab and often return on the same day, allowing Yale Health to identify cases quickly. 

The semester has gotten off to a strong start because everyone has done their part. Thank you again for all your efforts to keep infection rates low. 


Melanie Boyd 
Dean of Student Affairs 
Senior Associate Dean, Yale College 
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