Vaccination Policy

How do I register my COVID-19 vaccination?
What if I cannot get a COVID-19 vaccination on time? (Updated July 23, 2021)
Will COVID-19 vaccines be required in the fall? (Updated July 23, 2021)

Summer 2021

How do I get access to campus this summer?
I am not here. How do I stop getting reminders for testing and daily health checks?
What are the policies guiding eligibility and use of the YSS COVID-19 Courses and YSS COVID-19 Housing Subsidies for summer study ("the special arrangement") that are available to first-year students and sophomores?
What are the public health requirements for gaining access to campus this summer?
What courses, activities, and travel opportunities are available during summer 2021?
Will the museums be open for teaching and research?
Will the Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning be open?

Fall 2021 Move-In

Are helpers (families and friends) allowed during move-in? (Updated July 27, 2021)
Can I drop off my belongings early? (July 28, 2021)
Can my family and friends visit my room after check-in? (July 28, 2021)
Do I need to reserve a move-in time? (Added July 23, 2021)
How do I reserve a move-in time? (Added July 23, 2021)
How do I retrieve my belongings from storage? (July 28, 2021)
May I ship my belongings before I arrive? (Added July 22, 2021)
When can I move in if I have been vaccinated?
When do classes start?
Will remote learning be an option? (Updated July 28, 2021)