July 27, 2021

Dear Class of 2024,

It's hard to believe that in just over a month you will be coming to campus, some of you for the first time, and settling into your sophomore rooms. This is a big semester for you because the pandemic has delayed some first-year experiences until now, both academic and social. This fall will also be the first time that you will all be together as a class. A few special events are planned to help you ease the transition to campus. Let me tell you more about them.

Welcome Back Events

When you arrive on August 30, your college will host events for you from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. Since you did not have a first-year dinner at the start of last year, this will serve as your first official college event with your college classmates.

On August 31, your class will spend the evening together at Quassy Amusement Park. It will be your first opportunity to all be together as a class, and a great way to start the year. Beginning at 6:00 p.m., the park will be reserved exclusively for Yale Class of 2024. As part of the event, Dean Chun will officially welcome you to your sophomore year.

First-Year Events, Take Two

Holiday Dinner – Yale Dining will host a holiday dinner for your class in the newly opened Schwarzman Center this December.

First-Year Formal – The Yale College Dean's Office will work with the Sophomore Class Council (SCC) to organize a class-wide dance for you in the early spring.

First-Year Olympics – In late spring, the YCDO and the SCC will hold Sophomore Olympics for you. You might want to start brushing up your tug-o-war skills now!

Getting Around

Plenty of people will be on hand to guide you when you arrive. Faculty, heads, deans, the college staff, and especially your junior and senior classmates will be able to help you find your way around campus. Everyone gets a little turned around in their first week, so you can ask for directions and easily get them. You will be especially welcome, and everyone wants to help you find your way.

I am looking forward to seeing you all on August 30. If you have questions between now and then, feel free to email student.affairs@yale.edu.

With best wishes from New Haven,

Melanie Boyd
Dean of Student Affairs
Senior Associate Dean in Yale College
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