June 2, 2020

Dear students,

You will be receiving more information later today about retrieving your belongings. You also have the option to leave them on campus for pickup in the fall, if Yale announces in July that it will offer a residential fall term. I am grateful to all the staff members at Conferences and Events who are organizing this immensely complex project. They are working as hard as they can, under severe constraints, to reunite you with your belongings while at the same time protecting the community's health.

Seniors were given priority in a pilot program last week, and their feedback helped refine the process to be more flexible and accommodating. Thanks to them, additional slots were added during evenings and weekends, and in late June and July. Two-hour slots, the default, enable the staff to accommodate the most students, safely and efficiently; a small percentage of seniors requested three-hour slots. All the new slots are now available in the reservation system. 

I am very grateful to you for your patience and understanding during this historic undertaking, even as I recognize that it will require adjustments and refinements. If you have other needs, please communicate with the staff members of the Office of Conferences and Events so that they can know how best to serve you while they safeguard everyone’s health. They and I understand how important your belongings are to you, and we will do our best to help you retrieve them. 


Marvin M. Chun
Dean of Yale College
Richard M. Colgate Professor of Psychology; Neuroscience; Cognitive Science