About Us

The Office of Student Engagement was launched in response to the 2015 internal review recommendations for cohesion among the four Cultural Centers. The findings of this review deemed it vital for their effective functioning that the  Centers draw together  under one leadership/supervision.   

Our Mission

The Office of Student Engagement encourages, supports, and complements student learning by providing leadership development opportunities, new-student guidance, and programs that enrich students' academic, social, cultural, ethical, and intellectual growth.

Student Engagement seeks to cultivate citizens in possession of a rich awareness of heritage and a desire to move into the sort of leadership roles that will benefit every element of society.

Our Vision

Student Engagement works with students to find optimal ways to solve their problems, helps students build communities, and coordinates university efforts to maintain a safe campus environment.  

Meet the Team

Burgwell J. Howard

  • Student Engagement Area Head
  • Yale SafetyNet
  • FGLI Community initiative
  • Off-Campus Life
  • Athletics Liaison
  • Discrimination & Harassment Resource Co- Coordinator
  • Voter Registration/Engagement


Silvia C. DeCastro

  • Executive Assistant to Dean Burgwell J Howard
  • Supports Student Engagement Area
  • Cultural Connections, Coordinator
  • Family Weekend, Coordinator
  • Nakanishi Prize, Coordinator
  • FGLI Community Initiative Support
  • Intercultural Affairs Council, Liaison
  • Peer Liaison Program, Liaison
  • Yale SafetyNet Support
  • Yale Votes Initiative Support
  • Job Searches Unit Support Staff


Timeica Bethel

  • AfAm House Strategic Planning, Staff Supervision, Programming, and Budget Management
  • AfAm House Student Assistants (SAs)
  • AfAm House Graduate Assistants (GAs)
  • Cultural Connections Program Director
  • AfAm House Resident Groups Advisor
  • Intercultural Affairs Council Member
  • Camp Yale Programs Committee Member
  • Undergraduate Organizations Affiliate Committee Member
  • Black Alumni Engagement
  • Liaising with campus partners, stakeholders, and the New Haven community
  • Davenport College Fellow


Carolina Davila

  • La Casa Graduate Assistants (GAs)
  • La Casa Student Coordinators (SCs)
  • La Casa student organizations advisor
  • La Casa operations 
  • Intercultural collaborations with center Assistant and Associate Directors
  • Unit planning with Student Engagement Area Head


Eve Famutimi

  • Cultural Center finances
  • Budget review and analysis
  • Procurement and Business Office Liaison
  • Office Management
  • Onboarding and Offboarding
  • Camp Yale Programs coordination
  • Unit-wide processes and procedures
  • First Year Orientation Planning Committee
  • Jonathan Edwards College Fellow


Eileen Galvez

  • La Casa Strategic Planning, Budget Management, & Staff Supervision
  • La Casa Peer Liaisons
  • La Casa Senior Events
  • La Casa Alumni Relations
  • La Casa Graduation Activities
  • Peer Liaison Program Director
  • Trumbull College Fellow
  • Yale College DEIB Committee Member
  • Yale College Orientation Committee Member


Sheraz Iqbal

  • AACC Graduate Assistants (GAs)
  • AACC Peer Liaisons (PLs)
  • AACC Undergraduate Student Coordinators (USCs)
  • AACC Affiliate Organizations Advisor
  • AACC Operations AACC Programming
  • Grace Hopper College Residential Fellow


Mariluz Tejeda Leon

Matthew Makomenaw

  • Native American Cultural Center (GA)
  • Native American Cultural Center (PLs)
  • Native American Language Program
  • Camp Yale Program, Cultural Connections
  • Lecturer, Education Studies Program


Denise Morales

  • NACC House Staff
  • NACC House Operations and Programming
  • Cross Center Collaborations


Joliana Yee

  • AACC Strategic Planning, Staff Supervision, Programming and Budget Management
  • Asian and Asian American Alumni Engagement
  • Yale College Family Weekend, Lead Coordinator
  • Intercultural Affairs Council, Chair
  • First-Year and Transfer Student Advising
  • University-Wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct Advisor


Fellowships and Prizes

Nakanishi Prize
The Edward A. Bouchet Fellowship Program
The Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program

Student Engagement Office