The Peer Liaison Program was created to provide an additional layer of mentoring through a wealth of events and initiatives that aim to support first-year students through their transition to Yale College, especially those who belong to systematically minoritized groups. Peer Liaisons (PLs), are a select group of trained, caring upper-class student leaders affiliated with the residential colleges and one of these centers/communities:

Each PL team is structured a little differently to meet the distinct needs of each community, but all are designed to help first-year students feel a sense of belonging on-campus.

Peer Liaison Applicant Information


To be eligible to apply, students must:

  • Be rising Sophomores, Juniors or Seniors in good academic standing during both terms of the current academic year
  • Possess the skills necessary to work on a team of students from varied backgrounds
  • Demonstrate a good level of self-awareness, a commitment to serving others, and advocating for the needs of others

Duties and Expectations

Given the nature of the position and often unpredictable needs of First-Year students, it is impossible to anticipate all the duties that a Peer Liaison might be expected to perform, but the primary responsibilities are listed below. These duties will be explained in greater detail during Peer Liaison trainings, but if you have any concerns or reservations about your ability to fulfill these duties, be sure to contact the Peer Liaison Program Director, Dean Joliana Yee immediately. It is important to understand that any Peer Liaison who fails to fulfill any of these expectations may be subject to immediate dismissal from the program.

  • Model exemplary conduct, abiding by the Undergraduate Regulations and the Community Compact
  • Serve as role models to First-Year students whose experiences are often shaped by issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Serve as advisors and trusted mentors who establish a meaningful learning relationship with First-Year students
  • Empower mentee(s) to be engaged, responsible, and proactive citizens at Yale
  • Connect First-Year students to various resources both within the residential college, centers and across campus as appropriate
  • Provide social, academic, and emotional support, in collaboration with other residential college peer leaders and in close consultation with professional and certified campus staff as needed
  • Help ease First-Year students transition to life at Yale College
  • Attend fully training sessions in the Spring and Fall as outlined in the Peer Liaison Contract received upon hire

Prioritization of Extracurricular Commitments

Serving as a Peer Liaison should be a student’s primary extracurricular activity. A Peer Liaison may not accept any other term-time employment beyond ten hours per week without first consulting with your center director/supervisor(s) and Peer Liaison Program Director. The same applies for any other significant extracurricular commitment that would demand more than ten hours per week. In case of any doubt whatsoever, consult your center director/supervisor(s) and Peer Liaison Program Director before accepting this appointment. Additionally, this is a year-long commitment. If you are thinking about studying abroad at any time in the academic year, please do not accept this position.

Peer Liaison Hiring Timeline

Peer Liaison Application Opens
Peer Liaison Application Deadline, at 11:59pm ET
- Peer Liaison Application Review Period
- Peer Liaison Interviews Conducted with Select Applicants
Peer Liaison Offer Letters Sent Out
Joint Peer Liaison, First-Year Counselors & CCE Training
Peer Liaison Training

List of 2023-2024 Peer Liaisons

Afro-American Cultural Center

  • CJ Akhigbe | Berkeley
  • Adell Ateshim | Silliman
  • Christian Bailey | JE
  • Zada Brown | Trumbull
  • Evan Bowman | TD
  • Sosna Biniam | Silliman
  • Dani Doss | Berkeley
  • Munira Elbashir | Davenport
  • Momona Hadish | Stiles
  • Lauren Okine | Davenport
  • Dami Oluwatade | Murray
  • Jamarc Simon | Morse
  • Kadidia Sylla | Pierson
  • Kalvin Verner | Stiles

Asian American Cultural Center

  • Aruna Balasubramanian | Saybrook
  • Mark Chung | Trumbull
  • Risha Chakraborty | Saybrook
  • Xander Calicdan | Saybrook
  • Satia Hatami | Saybrook
  • Maiya Hossain | Davenport
  • William Hin | Pierson
  • Amy Jiang | Hopper
  • Mahima Kodavati | Davenport
  • Gaeun Lee | Berkeley
  • Michelle Lee | Pierson
  • Koosha Maleknia | TD
  • Kirin Mueller | JE
  • Tony Ruan | Franklin
  • Zahra Yarali | Silliman
  • Kai Zhang | Davenport

Chaplain’s Office

  • CJ Akhigbe | Berkeley
  • Zada Brown | Trumbull
  • Eula Doele | Berkeley
  • Momona Hadish | Stiles
  • Melina Joseph | Branford
  • Rita Malallah | Saybrook
  • Sarah Mahmoud | Silliman
  • Carla Rangel | Davenport
  • Sabrina Zbar | Saybrook

La Casa Cultural

  • Seung Min Baik | Branford
  • Ava Boston | Saybrook
  • Jonathan Balderas | Hopper
  • Lily Perez | Branford
  • Mayerling Colin | Silliman
  • Eliana Cortez | Franklin
  • Stephania Chavez Cisneros | Davenport
  • Daena Rodriguez Rueda | Franklin
  • Jessica Sanchez | Davenport
  • Stephanie Montealegre | Saybrook
  • Sita Kottilil | Davenport
  • Lizbeth Lozano | Murray
  • Karla Perdomo Nunez | Stiles
  • Jesús Ramos | Davenport
  • Daisy Sanchez | Trumbull
  • Rebecca Sosa-Coba | Murray

Native American Cultural Center

  • Kala'i Anderson | Berkeley
  • Megan Blackwell | Silliman
  • Micah Greyeyes | Berkeley
  • Reid Hightower | Franklin
  • Ivy Pete | Hopper
  • Sunni Parisien | Murray
  • Jordan Sahly | Trumbull
  • Makayla Suina | Morse

Office of International Students & Scholars

  • Mina Aral | Berkeley
  • Dinara Bolat | Hopper
  • Yuen Ning Chang | Branford
  • Keya Gupta | Saybrook
  • Getrude Jeruto | TD
  • JeeHwan Kim | Stiles
  • Gai Ogasawara | Hopper
  • Awuor Onguru | Berkeley
  • Hannah Qin | Trumbull
  • Joe Thames | Franklin

Office of LGBTQ Resources

  • Marshall Adams | Silliman
  • Theia Chatelle | Hopper
  • Roy Kohavi | Saybrook
  • Lee Muita | Stiles
  • Jamie Nicolas | Silliman
  • Stephan Oliveira | Trumbull
  • Arden Parrish | Silliman

Student Accessibility Services

  • Sara Dzigurski | Pierson
  • Chisom Ofomata | JE
  • Alexis Sye | Murray
  • Lusangelis Ramos | Saybrook
  • K Wang | Branford