Yale College and various student organizations have created a number of events and activities on Friday and Saturday to celebrate this grand rivalry. This page contains details you will need to help you prepare better for The Game on November 18, 2023.


The Yale-Harvard football rivalry began on November 13, 1875 at Hamilton Field in New Haven (the Elis provided the Crimson a pity victory 0-4) and was first rivalry in all of college athletics.

Yale Football Team Archival Image

The series is the third-most-played in college football history and is now referenced around the country simply as “The Game.”

Weekend Events

For events hosted by student organizations on Friday and Saturday, please visit our Student Organization website.

Friday, Nov 17

On Friday, the Yale College Dean’s Office (YCDO) will host a late-night party at the College Street Music Hall exclusively for Yale and Harvard students. Outside guests will NOT be permitted at this event. For those seeking a quieter atmosphere, there will be simultaneous quiet activities, such as movies and games, held at various campus locations.

Friday, Nov. 17 Schedule
Time Event Description
2:30 - 9:00 pm Harvard student arrival
5:00 - 7:00 pm

Dinner - All 14 Dining halls open*

*Meal plan swipe for Yale students; Guest swipe or out-of-pocket expense for Harvard students

Varied times Pizza and/or snacks offered by most colleges
Varied times Club sports events and Glee Club Concerts
7:30 pm

Yale Harvard Glee Club Concert in Woolsey Hall

Enjoy the Yale and Harvard choruses as they come together in song. Free admission, no ticket required.

10:00 pm - 1:00 am

Yale/Harvard Party at College Street Music Hall

Featuring Yale and Harvard student DJs: Eduardo Velasco Wichmann, Maximillian Velasco, Alex Aldrich, and Nethenael Kebede Hundie. Geronimo's tacos and other bites will be served. The event is free and open to all Yale and Harvard undergraduates.*

*Yale & Harvard undergrads must show their wristband

10:00 pm - 1:00 am

Movies, Mario Kart, and Makerspace in Old Campus*

Fresh popcorn, doughnuts, hot chocolate, and apple cider will be served! 

*See below for where each event will be held (location - event)
Room LC 101 - Yale/Harvard Movie Marathon
Room LC 102 - Mario Kart!
Dwight Hall Chapel - Student organization performances
Dwight Hall Common Room - Swifty friendship bracelets and board games

Food and Dining

The Residential College Dining Halls will be open for dinner, 5pm - 7pm. This is part of the meal plan for Yale students. Harvard students can use a Yale guest swipe of someone with a meal plan or pay the guest rate of $18.98 for dinner.

Pizza and/or snacks will be offered by most colleges between dinner and 10pm. Check with your host college for specifics.

Food/snacks will be provided at key Yale/Harvard activities.

Saturday, Nov 18

On Saturday, join us at the Yale College Spirit event on York Square Green (across from PWG) for games and a chance to win prizes. You can also pick up boxed lunches at this location.

Adjacent to York Square Green, you will find the bus shuttle at Payne Whitney Gymnasium, ready to take you to the Yale Bowl for The Game.

There will be another food distribution location across the street from the Tsai Field House, conveniently located near the Yale Bowl. If you missed getting your lunch at the on-campus (York Square Green) location, feel free to stop by here.

Saturday, Nov. 18 Schedule
Time Event Description
8:00 - 10:30 am

Breakfast at dining halls*

*Meal plan swipe for Yale students; Harvard students must show wristband

8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Pre-Game Spirit Events at the York Square Green (across from Payne Whitney, next to Baker Hall)*,**

*Lunch packed in a branded "The Game" clear bag approved to be taken into the Yale Bowl
**Yale & Harvard undergrads must show their wristband

8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Secondary food distribution at The Armory*

*Yale & Harvard undergrads must show their wristband

9:00 am - 3rd quarter

Yale Bowl Beer Garden (inside the Yale Bowl)*

*Complimentary 2-drink vouchers for Yale & Harvard undergrads (21+)

Food and Dining

Breakfast will be available at all 14 dining halls. For Yale Students, breakfast is part of the meal plan & they will swipe into the dining hall using their Yale IDs. Harvard students must present their “The Game” wristbands for dining hall access.

A FREE lunch packed in a branded “The Game” clear bag approved to be taken into the Bowl will be available for pickup at York Square Green or the former Armory site close to the Yale Bowl, adjacent to Lot D. Various dietary options will be available. Yale and Harvard students must present their The Game wristbands to receive this item.

Food is also available for purchase from vendors at the Yale Bowl.  

Food Allergens & Dietary Requirements

Within the dining halls, ingredients are listed for every recipe and the top nine major allergens are clearly identified with an icon. Packed lunches, available at YSG and the Armory, will be labeled to include ingredients and major allergens. Visit Yale Hospitality's Dietary Requirements page for additional information.

Yale Hospitality colleagues will be present in the dining halls, YSG & the Armory to answer specific questions. Advance questions and concerns can be directed to sarah.kiel@yale.edu.


Overnight Housing and Accommodation

All 14 Yale Residential Colleges will accommodate Harvard students – Yale Colleges have partnered with Harvard Houses to offer overnight housing on Friday night. Harvard students will be accommodated in designated and common spaces within each Residential College, or by making prior arrangements with friends.

Access to Residential Colleges for Harvard Students

For Residential College access, Harvard students must present their Harvard IDs to the Yale Security guards to gain entry to their sister college for Friday night sleeping arrangements.

Residential College Pairing

Yale Residential College to Harvard House Pairing
Yale Residential College Residential College Access Gate Location Corresponding Harvard House
Benjamin Franklin Prospect Street gate, closest to Trumbull/Canal Street First Year Yards (Elm & Oak)
Berkeley Elm Street gate, South Elm Street Dunster House
Branford Library Walk gate, closest to High Street Quincy House
Davenport York Street gate, 248 York Street Winthrop House
Ezra Stiles Gate at 302 York Street, by Sherkaan/Yale Bookstore Currier House
Grace Hopper Elm Street gate, 189 Elm Street Kirkland House
Jonathan Edwards Library Walk gate, 68 High Street Eliot House
Morse College Gate at 304 York Street, behind Mory's Mather House
Pauli Murray Prospect Street gate, 130 Prospect Street First Year Yards (Crimson & Ivy)
Pierson York Street gate, 236 York Street Lowell House
Saybrook Elm Street gate, closest to York Street Adams House
Silliman Temple Street gate Dudley and Pforzheimer
Timothy Dwight Temple Street gate, 345 Temple Street Leverett House
Trumbull Elm Street gate, 241 Elm Street, near York Street Cabot House

Yale’s Public Health Guidelines

  • Prior to arriving on campus, non-Yale community members should check with the local school or unit they are visiting to verify specific vaccination policies that may be in place.
  • All current and applicable University COVID-19 policies and protocols must be followed regardless of visitor and program participant vaccination status.


Event Wristbands

Yale/Harvard Event Wristband
Yale/Harvard Event Wristband

“The Game” branded wristbands will be used to access key Yale/Harvard activities available only to Yale and Harvard students. These include the Friday evening Yale/Harvard party, Saturday morning dining hall breakfast (for Harvard students) & the Pre-Game Spirit event.

  • Yale Students:
    • Pick up your wristbands from your Head of College office on: Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday (Nov 15 - Nov. 17) from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.
    • Students must show their Yale ID, and bracelets will be placed on their wrists at that time.
    • Guest wristbands will not be available as wristbands will be used for activities available only to Yale and Harvard students.
  • Harvard Students:
    • Wristbands will be distributed to students on the Friday & Saturday shuttle buses to Yale. Students taking their own transportation can pick up wristbands at the Science Center Plaza from 1-5 pm.
  • For students unable to pick their wristband up in advance, wristbands will be available to Yale and Harvard students at the Friday Party and Pre-Game Spirit event. 
    • Yale and Harvard ID must be presented at time of pick-up.


Community of Care

Take care of yourselves and others. Make a plan for your day, including dressing for the weather and getting enough to eat. Take care of your friends by staying together and reconnecting if you get separated.
If you see any concerning situations, even if they seem small, take action. You can check in with your friends, offer to help those around you, and ask for help from hosts or professionals.

Emergencies Involving Alcohol & Other Drugs

If you are concerned that a peer may be experiencing an alcohol- or drug-related emergency, seek help. Stay with them and call Yale Dispatch for help (203-432-4400). If you do not have cell service, uniformed security or emergency medical personnel can help you.
Call for emergency support if a peer shows any of the following signs:

  • Is unresponsive or unconscious,
  • Cannot walk unassisted,
  • Is vomiting uncontrollably,
  • Is unable to respond to simple commands, or
  • Is exhibiting any other behaviors or symptoms that alarm you (e.g. skin discoloration, bizarre body temperatures, confusing speech).

Remember that Yale has a Medical Emergency Policy. This means that if you summon help for yourself, a fellow student, or a guest in medical need, you will not be charged by the Yale College Executive Committee with alcohol or other drug violations, but you may have to complete counseling, educational, or training programs within an agreed upon timeframe. This policy applies regardless of your own use of alcohol or other drugs. 


Student Accessibility Services (SAS)

Students in need of accommodation should reach out to SAS for support
Student Accessibility Services website
Get in Touch

Tailgate Guidelines

The Game Bag
"The Game" clear bag

Yale and Harvard students are allowed to bring the branded “The Game” clear bags into the Bowl

  • Tailgating begins three hours prior to kick-off when parking lots open (9 am)
  • Tailgating will end at kick-off (12 pm)
  • All bags are subject to search. Please remember any bags should comply with the Yale Athletics Clear Bag Policy. View Yale Gameday Ticket Policies.
  • No non-clear backpacks will be allowed in the tailgate or stadium.
  • Containers of alcohol being brought into the Yale Bowl Stadium will be confiscated
  • If you are not feeling well or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, you are asked to please not attend The Game

University ID required: Yale students will need their Yale University ID and should bring it with them for The Game. Harvard students should bring their Harvard student IDs.


Alumni and Graduate Students

  • Alumni should visit the Yale Alumni Association website offers comprehensive information on Yale-Harvard alumni events.
  • If you are a graduate student, be sure to check with your Dean of Students Office (or its equivalent) to find out about your school's Yale-Harvard plans.