October 28, 2022

Dear students,

Getting your required updated, bivalent COVID-19 booster and flu shots is easy.

Booster shots are available November 3 and 10 from a mobile booster van on Cross Campus. You can get your booster even if you recovered recently from a COVID-19 infection; there's no need to delay. The deadline for boosters is the start of the spring term.

And scheduling a flu shot, also required, is easy; flu shot clinics have plenty of availability. The deadline is December 1.

Finally, remember to wear a mask and test if you have symptoms, even mild cold symptoms. A PCR test through Color is preferable and more accurate. If you take a rapid test, remember that one negative rapid test does not rule out COVID-19. If you have symptoms and test negative with a rapid test, perform a PCR test or repeat the rapid test in 24 to 48 hours. Please also remember to report any positive results.


Julie Sweigard
Health and Safety Leader, Yale College
Director of Administrative Affairs, Yale College


Booster shots

November 3 and 10
11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Cross Campus, in front of Sterling Memorial Library

The Yale COVID-19 Vaccine Program will hold convenient, pop-up COVID-19 booster clinics offering the Pfizer bivalent booster. No appointments are necessary.

See: covid19.yale.edu/covid-19-vaccination-policy


Flu shots

DEADLINE: December 1, 2022, is the deadline for fulfilling your flu shot requirement.

Scheduling your flu shot on campus is easy using the link below. By getting your flu shot on campus, you don’t need to do anything else to satisfy this requirement.

If you get your flu shot outside of Yale, you will need to submit documentation to fulfill the university’s requirement. More information about flu shots and how to upload your documentation can be found on the flu shot section of the Yale Health website

Testing reminders

COVID-19 is the most likely cause of cold symptoms!

If you have any symptoms, no matter how mild, test for COVID-19 to protect yourself and your friends. It's a good practice to test after before and after you travel.

If you do develop symptoms, please do not walk into Yale Health Center for testing unless instructed to do so by a nurse. There are faster and more convenient ways to test for COVID at home.

Option 1: Test through Color, get definitive results within 24 hours (median turnaround is 16 hours)

  • You received 5 Color PCR test kits in your welcome bag in September, and they are also available at kiosks around campus, including Schwarzman lower level, Rosenfeld (109 Grove St) and 60 Sachem Street.
  • Testing through Color is quick and convenient. Most of you already have accounts. Activate a kit, self-swab and drop of your sample at a kiosk. Watch these videos for instructions on how to create your account on a computer or a smartphone and how to activate a kit.
  • A negative PCR in a symptomatic person does not need to be repeated.

Option 2: Use a rapid test, and repeat the test if negative.

  • If you test positive test, submit your results by completing this form.
  • If you have symptoms and your test is negative, you need to perform a Color test (preferable) or wait 24-48 hours and do another rapid test. Remain masked in the meantime.

How to get rapid tests

Insurance companies are required to pay for to 8 tests per month according to federal law.

If you have Yale Health insurance, you can request a free supply by completing this form and picking them up at Yale Health Center. Tests are NOT available on a walk-in basis.

If you have waived Yale Health insurance (have your parent’s insurance), you can purchase tests at a pharmacy or online and get reimbursed by your insurance company.

You can always call the CCRL (203-432-6604) or Student Health (203-432-0312) for guidance.