Y-Work Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Student Employees

Created by the Yale College Dean's Office (YCDO) and Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid (UFA), the Y-Work Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Student Employees celebrates the positive experiences our student workers enjoy and the critical contributions these students make to the offices for which they work. The Y-Work prize is awarded annually to a small group of current undergraduates whose dedication to their on-campus job has had a positive impact on the community.

Y-Work Award Nominations

All current undergraduate students who have worked a term-time job are eligible regardless of pay grade, financial aid eligibility, or federal work study participation.

The 2021 Y-Work Award nomination deadline has passed. Winners will be announced in early December. If you have any questions about the nomination or selection process, please email y.work@yale.edu.

Y-Work Award Administrators

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Past Y-Work Award Winners

Each April, Dean Chun announces the ten students selected as winners of the Y-Work Award. Winners and their supervisors are recognized at a reception at the Dean's Residence.

2020 Award Winners

Y-Work Award 2020 Winner

Nominated by


John Klich, MC ‘20

Paul Van Tassel

Chemical Engineering

Martin Chandler, ‘ES 21

Kathryn Dunn & Marc Levenson

Ezra Stiles

Muriel Wang, TC ’20

Ashleigh Corvi

Undergraduate Admissions

Luke Dobson, BR ‘20

Michelle Hutchings

Yale Young Global Scholars

Maya Juman, SY ‘20

Susan Butts

Peabody Museum

James Sun, SM ‘21

Melissa Goodall

Yale Sustainability

Sheyenne Tichnell, BR ‘22

Sarah Fritchey

Artspace New Haven

Mbella Beseka, ES ‘20

Kristy Leonard

Yale University Press

Jocelle Marius, BF ‘20

Syndia Amazan

FAS Dean’s Office

José E. García, PC ‘22

Alicia Schmidt Camacho

Ethnicity, Race, & Migration

2019 Award Winners

Y-Work Award 2019 Winner

Nominated By


Katherine Brumberg, TC '19

Jay Emerson & Winston Lin

Statistics & Data Science

Joe Doran, TC '20

Margaret Clark & Debbie Rueb

Trumbull College

Maria Gargiulo, PC '19

Jay Emerson & Winston Lin

Statistics & Data Science

Paige Hollis-Villareal, JE '19

David Brooks & Kristin Elliott

Yale Hospitality

Lily Mirfakhraie, DC '19

Elisa Rodriguez

Cell Biology

TJ Noel-Sullivan, SY '20

Xinyuan Chen

Information Technology Services

Donovan Sabog, BK '19

John Yi

Undergraduate Admissions

Sarah Siegel, TC '19

Stephanie J. L. Waite

Office of Career Strategy

Odette Wang, BR '20

Jessica Sack

YUAG Education Department

Max Yuhas, TD '20

Tom Migdalski