What to do in case of:

Power Outage

In the event of a power outage, call your power provider to report the loss of power. In most cases, this will be United Illuminating (UI): +1 (800) 722-5584.

For a list of current outages, you can check the United Illuminating website.

UI also has an alert system which you can take advantage of to stay up-to-date, takes reports for trees that have fallen on power lines and streetlights that have gone out or have been damaged.

Although New Haven is a city, it is not immune to power outages. It is always best to be prepared. UI has a storm checklist on their site as well as a storm prep quick guide (PDF).

Internet Outage

To report an internet outage you will need to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP.) In most cases, you can contact them directly on their website. Common ISPs in New Haven are Frontier Communications and Xfinity.

Weather Emergency

The New Haven Emergency Notification System is a great way to get notified about emergencies in the New Haven area, including severe weather, unexpected road closures, and missing person alerts. Please sign up ASAP.

You can also use the National Weather Service website for reliable weather or storm-related information.

When It Snows: Preparing for Winter

When it snows in New Haven, city residents are expected to follow city rules in preparation for a storm. If a parking ban is issued, residents must move their cars from designated streets to avoid their car being towed. During a storm, only park on the side of the road with Even (rather than Odd) address numbers.

Park at least 15 feet from fire hydrants and 25 feet from intersections and cross walks. In addition, during a parking ban parking is prohibited on BOTH SIDES of the street, in the entire downtown area, and on posted Snow Emergency Routes. Read more about New Haven’s snow guidelines on the city snow preparedness site.

In your dorms, there was no need to own a shovel, have flashlights, candles & food that won’t spoil in the event of a power outage but that’s highly recommended for off-campus living, especially if a winter storm knocks out power for an extended period of time.

Weather Damage 

If you’re renting a unit in a home, be sure to talk with your landlord or property owner about what to do in the event that a tree falls on your house or car or in the case of other emergencies.