For the latest statewide COVID-19 restrictions, see the City of New Haven website.

Connecting to University Resources

While you have chosen to live off-campus, you should still be able to access university software and other resources by setting up and connecting to Yale’s VPN.

Library resources are also at your disposal through the Yale Library Online Remote Access Services. As an off-campus student, you are required to fulfill your academic requirements. You may find this How-To page useful in helping you navigate key aspects of your academic life at Yale. Topics include how to set up Zoom, what to do when your home internet stops working, and how to find courses on Canvas. If you encounter any technical issues, do not hesitate to contact the Yale IT Student Help Desk.

Connecting to New Haven

One of the most satisfying ways to engage with one's community is through volunteer work. New Haven is a diverse city filled with myriad opportunities to make a real difference with your own particular talents and energy. Mentor or tutor a young person, donate your time to fundraising for local food banks, soup kitchens, or supporting sustainable food. Volunteer at schools, theaters, animal shelters. The following are volunteering resources in New Haven and beyond. 

What to Do in New Haven

Yale University’s Life at Yale site offers up-to-date information about restaurants, city services, community information and much more.

New Haven hosts various events and activities, tailored to various demographics.  The Visiting Yale website and the Yale Visitor center are great places to start. For information on museums, see the Yale Museums and Galleries website.

Here are a couple of suggestions to get you started: 

Below are links to Yale and New Haven Events Calendars: