September 20, 2022  

Dear students,  

As you learned from today's message from Stephanie Spangler, masking from September 26 onward will be optional, with certain exceptions, in most spaces on campus. Although those spaces include classrooms, individual instructors may require masking in their classes. Please honor your instructors’ guidance and the masking requirements of hosts of certain events.  

Unchanged is the policy about masks when you are:  

  • visiting health care settings, such as Yale Health and Yale Medicine clinics;  
  • experiencing symptoms
  • testing positive for COVID-19 and subject to COVID-19 isolation protocols; 
  • identified as a close contact of an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19; 
  • required by state or local agencies. 

Remember that symptomatic and asymptomatic PCR COVID-19 testing is now available through the Yale COVID-19 Testing Program. Remember also that new bivalent vaccine boosters are now available. You can schedule a vaccine booster appointment through the Yale Program. Boosters are also available at clinics and pharmacies around the state. 

Keep in mind that university health and safety policies, including mask requirements, may be modified if public health conditions change. 


Julie Sweigard 
Health and Safety Leader, Yale College 
Director of Administrative Affairs, Yale College