August 5, 2021 

To all Yale College students, 

With COVID-19 cases rising nationally and locally, and the delta variant spreading rapidly, especially among the unvaccinated, I want to bring you up to date on public health measures that will be in place when you come to campus. These are in addition to Yale’s vaccination mandate, which is our community’s most important protection against outbreaks. Because public health circumstances are evolving, these measures may evolve, too, but here is what you can expect when you arrive. 

Required testing when you arrive 

Arrival testing will be required of all students, with additional requirements for certain categories of students. Please see the table at the bottom of this message to learn which requirements pertain to you. 

You will need to schedule your own testing through and the MyChart platform, which will also show you your test results. If you are a new student, you will have already received instructions and an access code for creating an account this week. Please create yours as soon as you receive your code. 

You may schedule your test at any of the University test sites; this is a change for returning students accustomed to testing in residential colleges. Information about current test sites and how to schedule tests is available on the COVID-19 Screening Program webpage. Schedules will be expanded and updated during August. 

If you have taken a COVID-19 test on your own within the past 90 days and tested positive, please contact the Campus COVID Resource Line (203-432-6604) or in order to adjust your testing requirements. 

Required testing after you arrive 

If you are fully vaccinated, you will then need to test once weekly through September, starting on your arrival. Once-weekly testers may test on any day but must test at seven-day intervals. 

If you have received a vaccination exemption, you will need to test twice weekly, starting during your quarantine week. Testing patterns (Mon/Thurs or Tues/Fri) for twice-weekly testers will be assigned in August and will be available on Yale Hub

You will receive reminders by text and email if you are late for a test. It’s important that you meet your testing requirements in order to retain your access to campus. 


This week, due to the prevalence of delta virus in the state, the university reinstituted a masking requirement in all indoor spaces, including for vaccinated individuals, and will closely monitor the need for this requirement in the coming weeks. 

Housing for partially vaccinated and unvaccinated students 

If you have received permission to arrive before you are fully vaccinated, you may be relocated temporarily to separate housing for an initial quarantine or until you are fully vaccinated for two weeks after your last dose of an approved vaccination. Follow the instructions you receive from Yale College. 

If you have received an approved exemption, your housing assignment may change. If it does, you will be notified beforehand. 

Additional requirements for international students 

If you are arriving from outside the U.S., you will need to be tested no more than three days beforehand and show your negative result to the airline before you board your flight. 

If you are arriving from international locations, you must follow Yale/CDC travel requirements for testing and, if indicated, quarantine. These requirements will be met by the arrival testing outlined below by vaccination status. 

If you will not have completed your approved vaccination regimen before arriving to New Haven, schedule additional vaccination now through this link for as soon as possible after you arrive on campus, according to the guidance on the Yale Vaccination Program website (scroll to the table). If you have not yet consulted with Yale Health on what is needed to complete your vaccination requirements, please do so right away by emailing If you have not already been in touch with Dean Sarah Insley, the summer HSL for Yale College, please write to her now to arrange for early arrival and quarantine. 

As always, you may call the Campus Covid Resource Line 203-432-6604 with questions. 


Melanie Boyd 
Dean of Student Affairs 
Senior Associate Dean in Yale College 
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On-campus arrival testing is required for all students, with quarantine and additional testing as follows: 


Fully vaccinated 

Not fully vaccinated, or with an exemption from vaccination 

Students living on campus 

Test within 48 hours of arrival and prior to starting your on-campus academic activities 

No quarantine required  

Test weekly through September 

Arrive 1 week before on-campus activities and quarantine for 7 days 

Test within 24 hours of arrival 

Begin ongoing twice-weekly testing during quarantine week 

Students living off campus AND arriving from out of state or international locations 

Test within 48 hours of arrival and prior to starting your on-campus academic activities 

No quarantine required 

Test weekly through September 

Students traveling to Yale from outside the US must test again 3-5 days after arrival per Yale’s travel policy 

Arrive 1 week before on-campus activities and quarantine for 7 days 

Test within 24 hours of arrival 

Begin ongoing twice-weekly testing during quarantine week 

Living off campus and residing in New Haven or CT prior to Aug 1 

Test within 48 hours of arrival, and prior to starting your on-campus activities 

No quarantine required 

Test weekly through September 

Test before starting on-campus activities 

Quarantine until receiving a negative result 

Begin twice weekly testing on your assigned schedule