January 7, 2021

To all students living off campus,

Happy new year! I hope your winter recess is going well. Many of you, I believe, have traveled home or elsewhere, and will soon be returning to your off-campus residences in New Haven. I therefore want to alert you to the current Yale travel guidelines and Connecticut travel advisories that apply to anyone arriving now, and to remind you about testing that is available to you. (If you have not left Connecticut, you do not need to worry about travel quarantine at this point.)

Yale travel guidelines

Yale’s travel guidelines are more stringent than Connecticut’s travel advisories. All students, faculty and staff who plan to be on campus must follow them in order to further protect the community’s health.

Connecticut travel advisories

If you are arriving from anywhere other than New York, New Jersey, or Rhode Island, or from a country other than the United States, and are not planning to come to campus, you will need to follow Connecticut’s travel requirements found on Connecticut's official state website.

Travel Health Form

Whether you are following the state’s or Yale’s travel requirements, you also need to complete a travel health form, available from the Connecticut State Department of Public Health.

Testing available to you

As members of the Yale community, you have access to asymptomatic testing on campus at no cost. Please use this resource, in accordance with the travel guidelines, testing as soon as you arrive and twice weekly thereafter. To schedule testing, go to covidtesting.yale.edu. This link will offer you appointments at central campus locations, as the college test sites are still closed. Please note that if you will be enrolled in residence for Spring 2021, you will need to have taken at least one viral test by the end of January.

I will be writing again soon with more information about the testing and quarantine requirements for the Spring 2021 semester, but in the meantime please accept my best wishes for the remainder of the winter recess.


Melanie Boyd
Dean of Student Affairs
Senior Associate Dean in Yale College
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