• To consider the possibility of breaking ground on two new residential colleges, and later, to guide the university on the execution of this idea


  • Study Group to Consider New Residential Colleges (2008)
    • Academic Resources Committee: Joseph Gordon (Chair), Penelope Laurans (Vice Chair), Vladimir Alexandrov, Joseph Altonji, Janice Carlisle, Jonathan Dach ’08, Bradley Gano, Jonathan Holloway, Mary Miller, Alice Prochaska, Diane Rodrigues, Lauren Russell ’09, William Segraves, Lloyd Suttle, Jesse Wolfson ’08, Kurt Zilm
    • Student Life Committee: William Sledge (Chair), Penelope Laurans (Vice Chair), Woo-kyoung Ahn, Thomas Beckett, Jenny Chavira, Pamela George, Nina Glickson, Harvey Goldblatt, Kevin Hicks, Ernst Hu≠, Judith Krauss, Erin Lavik, George Levesque, Richard Schottenfeld, R. Shankar, Alice Shyy ’08, Betty Trachtenberg, Emily Weissler ’09, Larry Wise ’08
  • Ad Hoc Committee on Yale College Expansion (2014)
    • Mary Miller (Co-Chair), Ben Polak (Co-Chair), Ron Breaker, Rick Bribiescas, Jane Edwards, Alan Gerber, Jonathan Holloway, Amy Hungerford, Gundula Kreuzer, Kyle Vanderlick, Karen Wynn, Kurt Zilm