• To enforce the Undergraduate Regulations in a fair, consistent, and uniform manner
  • To address any behavior by an undergraduate that may imperil the integrity, values, or safety of the academic community or that may endanger university property or resources

Detailed description

Types of members

  • Yale College Dean’s Office administrators
  • University faculty
  • Undergraduate students

Advisers to the Committee

  • Representative from the Office of General Counsel
  • Director, Mental Health & Counseling

Roster for Spring 2022

Coordinating Group

  • David Vasseur, Chair, Associate Professor of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
  • Michael (Mick) Hunter, Vice-Chair, Associate Professor of East Asian Languages & Literatures
  • Rachel Russell, Secretary, Assistant Dean of Yale College, Director, Student Conduct & Community Standards, LOA Fall 2021
  • Earle Lobo, Assistant Secretary, Assistant Director, Student Conduct & Community Standards


  • Richard Bribiescas, Professor of Anthropology and of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Ruth Coffey, Senior Research Scholar, Yale Law School – Spring Term only
  • Andrew Johnston, Associate Professor of Classics
  • Oswaldo Chinchilla Mazariegos, Associate Professor of Anthropology – Fall Term Only
  • Paul Kockelman, Professor of Anthropology
  • Sigrid Nachtergaele, Assistant Professor, Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology
  • Caleb Smith, Professor of English and of American Studies
  • Paul R. Van Tassel, Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies (ChE) Dept. of Chemical and Environmental Engineering – Spring Term Only


  • Craig Canfield, Associate University Registrar (spring 2021 term)
  • Kelly McLaughlin, Assistant Dean, Assessment and Director of Study Abroad
  • Rebekah Westphal, Director, Office of Fellowship Programs; Assistant Dean of Yale College


  • Akhtar, Laiba ’23 BR
  • Bochkur Dratver, Michael ’23 JE
  • DiIenno, Tyler ’24 MY
  • Do, Cam ’22 TD
  • Garcia, William ’24 DC
  • Han, Timothy ’23 SM
  • Jazwinski, Greg '22 MY
  • Johnson, Reilly ’22 ES
  • Lopez, Sam ’23 BR
  • Morales, Bryce ’23 BR
  • Nachbar, James ’22 ES
  • Oates, Jonathan ’23SM
  • Poukouta Livit, Gedeon ’23 SY
  • Sack, Coco ‘23 PC
  • Saji, Yuka ’22 ES
  • Sarathy, Anusha ’24 SY
  • Singh, Arya ’22 MY
  • Song, Andrew ’22 PC
  • Thomason, Caroline ’22 MC
  • Tian, Emily ’24 DC
  • Udassi, Neil ‘22 SM
  • Zeff, Mati ’22 BR

Advisers and Representatives

  • Susan Sawyer, Senior Associate General Counsel
  • Paul Hoffman, Director, Mental Health & Counseling

Ex Officio

  • Marvin Chun, Dean of Yale College, Richard M. Colgate Professor of Psychology and Professor of Neuroscience