• To examine the condition of free expression, peaceful dissent, mutual respect, and tolerance at Yale
  • To make recommendations for the maintenance of those principles


  • Steven A. Benner, Yale College, 1975
  • Elias Clark, Master of Silliman College, Lafayette S. Foster Professor of Law
  • James P. Comer, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Associate Dean of the Medical School
  • Lloyd N. Cutler, Visiting Lecturer in Law, Chairman Yale Development Board
  • Robert A. Dahl, Sterling Professor of Political Science
  • Marjorie B. Garber, Associate Profsessor of English
  • Walter R. Rieman, Yale College, 1977
  • Philip J. Sirlin, Princeton, 1973, Graduate Student in Economics
  • Elisabeth McC. Thomas, Dean Pierson College, Assistant Dean of Yale College
  • Hillel Weinberg, State University of N.Y., Buffalo, 1973, Graduate Student in Political Science
  • Harry H. Wellington, Edward J. Phelps Professor of Law
  • Vann Woodward, Sterling Professor of History (Chairman)