Room Furnishings

At the beginning of each term, students will receive a Facilities Superintendent’s dormitory room report listing the furniture that has been provided; the property listed becomes a student’s responsibility. Students must inform the Facilities Superintendent within five days of occupancy if the report contains mistakes. Even when absent from their rooms, students are held responsible for any disorder or damage occurring there.

No University-issued furnishings may be removed from student rooms. If any furnishings are missing from rooms at the end of the year, students will be billed for replacement costs.

The University provides each student with a:

  • desk
  • chair
  • bureau,
  • bed (extra-long, 80” by 36”)
  • closet or wardrobe

Beds are equipped with mattresses; students should supply their own pillows. Please consult with your college about whether common room furniture and overhead lighting are provided. Halogen lamps are fire hazards and are not permitted.  Since most first-years live in suites in which they share a common room with several roommates, please consult with your roommates over the summer about bringing other room items. 

Mattress Rentals

Bulldog Beds  is a Yale Associated Student Agency that offers a convenient and eco-friendly dorm furnishing rental service. Committed to simplifying your move-in experience, we offer Full XL and Mid-Size memory foam mattresses complete with delivery, installation, and pick-up services. Crafted by Roomie, our 10" mattress features a thoughtful 3-layer design for comfort and support, all CertiPUR-US certified and American-made.


The Associated Student Laundry Agency offers a variety of services.

  • The “Look Sharp” plan offers weekly wash, dry, and fold service, laundering and pressing of dress shirts and blouses, unlimited dry cleaning, and cleaning and pressing of gentle care laundry.
  • The “Just the Basics” plan offers a weekly bulk wash, dry, and fold laundry service with laundered and pressed dress shirts and blouses.
  • The “Premium Plan” is a twice per week pick-up and delivery and include comforter cleaning, wash, dry and fold service, laundering and pressing of dress shirts and blouses, unlimited dry cleaning and cleaning and pressing of gentle care laundry.
  • Dry cleaning is also available on a piece-by-piece basis.

Students have access to numerous on-campus laundry room facilities as well. 

For more information and to select a laundry plan, visit Associated Student Agencies: Laundry.


Microfridge units will be available for rental through Associated Student Agencies.  For more information visit Associated Student Agencies: Refrigerators.

Associated Student Agencies

Associated Student Agencies operates a number of additional agencies including Yale Banner (yearbook), Cap and Gown, Summer Storage, and Class Rings. For further information, contact Associated Student Agencies at, 203-432-1888, or please visit the Associated Student Agency website. You can pay for all products and services by check or credit card (MasterCard or Visa), or bill them to your Yale Charge Account. Students who would like to undertake or organize commercial enterprises on campus should contact Heather Abati at 203-432-2710.