Where can I find a list of important dates and deadlines?

Visiting Campus

Visiting Campus
What is the best way to get to Tweed New Haven Airport


Do I need to sign up for a meal plan before I arrive?

Campus Life

Directory Information
How can I change my name or withhold my information in the Yale Directory?
How do I find my Student Identification Number?
May I bring my car to campus for the term?
Requesting non-disclosure in student directory
Where are the ATMs on campus?


Are washers/dryers coin operated?
How can I order a bulk laundry bag?
Laundry location on Old Campus


Are students required to clean their own bathroom?
For the suite bathroom – do the students provide their own toilet paper?
Old Campus Residences: Bathroom specifics
Which areas are cleaned by your housekeeping staff and which areas will she be responsible for?


Are mattresses covered?
Are there curtains in the bedrooms?
Can I bring a window air conditioner?
Can I bring my own mattress?
Can I remove furniture from my room?
Can I see the floor plans?
Can the bed be bunked or debunked?
Do I need insurance for my room contents?
Elevator specifics for students on Old Campus
For putting up wall décor – are students allowed to use sticky tape?
How big is the bedroom?
How do I order bedding for my room?
How much space is under the bed?
Is there a closet in the room?
Old Campus Residences: Lighting specifics
Room concerns on Old Campus
Room specifics for Benjamin Franklin, Pauli Murray, Timothy Dwight, or Silliman Colleges
Should I bring a broom and dustpan?
Should I bring an area rug?
What are the benefits of renting bedding from Bulldog Beds compared to other options?
What is in the room?


Are there any concerns regarding electrical load due to age of building?
Are there limits on how many mini fridges are allowed per suite/room?
Can I bring cooking appliances?
Can I rent a microwave/refrigerator?
Microwave / Refrigerator / Cooking
When will my microwave/refrigerator be delivered?


What should I bring?
When is move-in?
Where do I pick up my ID card and room key?
Where do we park the car during move-in?
Who can help me set up my computer?


Are there orientation events for families?
When will I find out which Camp Yale program I'll be assigned to?
Where can I find the orientation schedule?

Mail and Packages

How do I sign up for the post office box?
USPS Location
What address do I send my shipments to?
Where can I pick up my packages?

Family Information

Can my parents access my student record?
Family Information Form Access
Family Weekend
Updating parent contact information


Are dining halls in operation during November recess?
Does Yale have any requirements about when students leave/return for October, November, and December breaks?
When is registration?


Healthcare to-dos:

Residential Colleges

When do I learn my residential college affiliation?
Where can I find the address of my residential college?