Your first year at Yale is a time of transition and experimentation. You have tremendous freedom to choose courses that appeal to you, and you have hundreds of options from which to choose. 

Exercising this freedom well requires reflection, consultation, and wise planning. Yale provides a basic educational blueprint in the form of distributional and major requirements, as well as advisers to offer guidance, but it is up to you to put together a coherent plan of study that corresponds to your particular interests and abilities. 

Develop some long-range academic goals and discuss them with other people, but remain open to unexpected discoveries. If at any point you feel lost, ask for advice. Beginning with your first-year counselor, college adviser, and residential college dean, Yale has many resources to support and assist you.

While acclimating to Yale in your first year, it is generally not advisable to enroll in more than 4.5 credits, especially in the fall term.