Disclosure of Grades

Each term, you may specify on the Registrar’s website who should receive a copy of your grades. If you authorize it, the Registrar's Office will send your fall-term grades to your parent or guardian (to the address you have identified as the "permanent" or "PR" address). The spring-term grade report is sent only to you at your home address. If you want duplicate grade reports sent (e.g., to another parent, guardian, scholarship donor, etc.), you must submit a specific written request each year to the Registrar's Office, 246 Church Street.

Disclosure of Directory Information

Under the terms of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 and its amendments (commonly known as the "Buckley Amendment"), Yale University has designated the items listed below as directory information. This information may be released by Yale for any purpose at the discretion of the University.

Category I:

Name, all student addresses, local telephone number, residential college affiliation, e-mail address, dates of attendance, class, major field of study, degrees conferred and dates of conferral, previous educational institution(s) attended, date of birth, name and address of parent or guardian, and digitized identification images/ photographs (please note that although Yale classifies photos and images as directory information, these are rarely released to parties outside the University without the student's permission).

Category II:

Awards, honors, past and present participation in university-sponsored extracurricular activities and sports, height and weight of members of athletic teams, and place of birth. If you wish any directory information withheld, you must notify, in writing, the Registrar's Office, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, 246 Church Street. Suppression of directory information remains in effect until the Registrar's Office is notified of a change.

Listing in the Student Directory

Unless you instruct us otherwise, your name, college, class, local address, local telephone number, and Yale Station box number will be printed in the Yale University Student Directory and, along with your e-mail address, will be available electronically at Yale and on the Internet through the University's online directory. An interim Student Directory should be published before the start of the school year. If you do not wish to be listed in the final version of the Student Directory, please send an email to the University Registrar. If you wish to have your information removed from the online directory or make it unavailable through Yale's telephone directory assistance, please notify the Registrar in writing at any time.

Regarding individual representation on the Yale College Facebook page, students may update their profile display through the user preference option. 

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Parental/Guardian Notification of Changes in Your Official Status at Yale

It is Yale's policy to inform parents or guardians of changes in a student's official status at Yale—e.g., when a student withdraws from Yale College, or is placed on academic warning or disciplinary probation, or fails to graduate after eight terms. A student who is not a dependent as defined in § 152 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 (i.e., a student who does not receive from parents or guardians over half of his or her nonscholarship income) may request that the University not inform parents or guardians of changes in official status. Inquiries should be directed to the Registrar's Office, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, 246 Church Street.