Public Health Coordinators (PHCs) are graduate and professional students living in the residential colleges to help support community wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic. The PHCs will be drawing on their own professional experiences, as well as in-depth training for this role. Many have a background in pastoral care, public health, and education, and all have an active interest in student affairs and community engagement.

As the Yale College community reassembles in residence, the PHCs are available as sources of information and support. They also serve as coaches to help individual students and student groups meet their Community Compact commitments and stay within the public health guidelines. 

In addition, the PHCs collectively cover a 24/7 on-call schedule to serve as liaisons between students and other professional staff in a range of urgent or emergency situations in the residential colleges. They help support students while waiting for an ambulance and can accompany students who need to walk to Yale Health or to the isolation housing.  

The PHCs work closely with the deans, heads, FroCos, and other members of the residential college teams.

Public Health Coordinators

Shea Jendrusina | Benjamin Franklin College

Originally from Indiana, Shea Jendrusina is a 2L at Yale Law School. When he isn’t trapped with his casebooks, he’s been involved in the Health Law & Policy Society and the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Clinic. He is on the staff of the Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law, and Ethics and the Yale Law Journal. Before coming to Yale, he studied biochemistry at Columbia, where he spent four years working as an EMT on the campus ambulance. He is excited to help the students in Ben Franklin navigate Yale during this unusual year.


Safia Speer | Berkeley College

Safia Speer is originally from Mountain Lakes, NJ. She is a 2nd-Year Masters of Public Health Student studying Healthcare Management, and is specifically interested in the intersections of health insurance, policy, and economics. Outside of school, she enjoys being outdoors and lazy afternoons with her 17-year-old chihuahua. Safia is thrilled to be the PHC for Berkeley College, and was in Berkeley during her undergrad years!


Abraham Mora-Valle | Branford College

Hello everyone! I am a second-year student in the MArch 1 program at the Yale School of Architecture. I was born and raised in Pomona, California, and studied at Columbia University, where I majored in architecture. After undergrad, I worked in San Antonio, Texas as a 6th-grade and 4th-grade teacher through Teach for America. At Yale, I work as a Wurtele Art Gallery Teacher and just finished editing the most recent journal of architectural student work, Retrospecta 43. When I’m not in the class I love to run to East Rock or around other neighborhoods in New Haven. I look forward to being the PHC for Branford, where we have an amazing staff and FroCo Team. I am excited to meet all of you; please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!


Momoko Ishii | Davenport College

I’m a first-year PhD student studying Green Chemistry and Green Engineering, specializing in synthetic materials and CO2 utilization. My job as a doctoral student is to practice environmentally conscious and benign Chemistry. I have recently completed my training as an Environmental Health scientist, and I am honored to be an onsite-Public Health Officer at Davenport. Originally from Tokyo, Japan, I spent my teenage years in Hong Kong SAR and was Hong Kong’s competing athlete of women’s triathlon. I am also a classical pianist by training and enjoy compositions by Richard Wagner and Shostakovich. My favorite movie genres are historical dramas/documentaries on British or Russian topics. Please reach out if you have questions about Yale’s policies on COVID.


Jordan Humphrey | Ezra Stiles College

Hey y’all! I am a professional student at Yale’s Divinity School, where I’m working towards chaplaincy and exploring the intersection of literature and religion. Originally from North Carolina, I’ve spent the last decade leading backpacking trips through the Utah desert as an EMT, working on farms as far away as New Zealand, and getting an MFA in creative writing in the Appalachian Mountains. Though I feel most at home in the wilderness, I’ve lived in NYC for the past year, teaching literature at a community college in Manhattan and learning to appreciate this vastly different ecosystem. This fall, I’m looking forward to keeping our campus safe and finding creative ways to build community in this brave (and socially distanced) new world.


Deyri Garcia | Grace Hopper College

Deyri Garcia is a 5-year BA-BS/MPH student, completing her second year at the Yale School of Public Health. A recent Yale and Hopper undergrad, Deyri double majored in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, and History of Science and Medicine. A former STARS Junior Fellow, Deyri has five years of laboratory research experience but most recently she conducts compositional analysis of vape products at Yale Tobacco and Green Chemistry Center. This summer Deyri interned with Neighborhood Health Project as a public health analyst and conducted a needs assessment and epidemiological data analysis. She hopes to devote her future to public health education and prevention of chronic diseases in immigrant and vulnerable communities. In her free time, you can find her dancing with Mexican Ballet Folkórico or binging new shows. Deyri grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, and plans to return to her home state upon graduation with her Master's, but until then she is thrilled to be a part of Hopper College for the fifth year in a row!


Mary Inge | Jonathan Edwards College

Mary is thrilled to join the Jonathan Edwards College community as a public health coordinator this school year. She is a proud native of New Haven, CT and second-year Master of Divinity student at Yale Divinity School. Her research lies at the intersections of religion, public health and education. She seeks to use her studies to pursue a career in university chaplaincy and student affairs to facilitate culturally responsive pastoral care that affirms college students [particularly college students of color] in body, mind and spirit. Mary also aims to combine her research at Yale Divinity School with her work as a certified birth doula to educate, support and empower Black birthing persons in accessing perinatal and postpartum care to address disparities in Black maternal mortality and postpartum depression. Before arriving at Yale Divinity School, Mary completed an M.A. in Sociology and Education at Columbia University in the City of New York and a B.A. in Political Science at Smith College. In her free time, she can be found writing Black pop culture theological think pieces, eating fresh arepas from local food trucks and spending way too much money at Sephora. Mary is looking forward to supporting all students in holistic safety and wellness this year. Feel free to send any questions, concerns or friendly greetings her way


Adam Houston | Morse College

Adam Houston is a graduate student at the Yale School of the Environment (YSE), and is so excited to be in residence as the Peer Health Coordinator for Morse College! His true loyalties will always be to Branford, but he spent many happy hours in the Morse dining hall after long runs with the cross country and track teams. Adam grew up in Seattle, Washington, on the land of the Duwamish and other Coast Salish tribes. After graduating from Yale in 2018 with a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, he returned to Seattle to work as the Production Manager at the University of Washington Farm, where he grew several acres of fruits and vegetables, led field trips, and taught classes. At YSE he plans on studying nature-based solutions to climate change, including agricultural soil carbon sequestration, reforestation, and other practices for creating resilient food systems. In addition to growing food, Adam is passionate about bicycling, and you'll most likely see him heading out an adventure around New Haven along with his blue bike, Sam.


Connor Grady | Pauli Murray College

Hi all! I am a second year Master of Public Health student studying epidemiology and the Public Health Coordinator for Pauli Murray College. I am from Atlanta, Georgia and graduated from the University of Georgia in 2019 with a degree in microbiology. At Yale, I’m involved in multiple research projects on COVID-19 including understanding social and clinical trends, characterizing COVID-19 among cardiac patients, using Twitter to build an improved epidemic model, and describing racial disparities in deaths in Connecticut. As a current TF for biochemistry (MCDB 300) and previously for MCDB 290, I enjoy supporting students’ education and look forward to supporting students in this role as Public Health Coordinator. I look forward to a safe and enriching year, and can’t wait to meet you all! Please feel free to email me any questions, concerns, or just to introduce yourself


Matthew Paige | Pierson College

Hi, y'all! My name is Matt (or Matthew) and I use he/him/his pronouns. I am a second-year Master of Public Health student in Biostatistics at the Yale School of Public Health, concentrating in modeling and its applications to epidemiology and public health surveillance. As an undergraduate, I lived in Pierson College and graduated in the Class of 2020 with my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. Before coming to Yale, I lived in a small New Hampshire town, where I often passed the time hiking and exploring the woods surrounding my house. While at Yale, I focused most of my extra-curricular time organizing blood drives with the American Red Cross at Yale, tutoring various math and statistics courses, and (certainly not least of all) playing board games with my suitemates. But, I also dabbled in a few other areas, from mastering (read: trying my best at) IM broomball and IM inner-tube water polo, to reviving my middle school trombone skills (or more accurately, lack thereof) to play with the YPMB, to training and becoming certified as an EMT, and to performing in a Shakespeare-inspired play that my friend wrote in our junior year. As the public health coordinator in Pierson College, I am excited to welcome back everyone who is returning to campus in the coming weeks (as well as everyone who is continuing online) and to working with all of you to navigate the adaptations and challenges of campus life this fall in a way that maximizes fun and inclusivity, while ensuring the health and safety of everyone in our community. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you would like to discuss any questions or concerns about COVID-19 or public health resources at Yale, or even if you just want to chat—my inbox is always open.


Jeffrey Hall | Saybrook College

Hi! My name is Jeffrey, and I’m a first-year graduate student pursuing an M.A.R. in History of Christianity through Yale Divinity School. I'm originally from North Carolina, but lived in Minnesota for five years prior to this. I studied theology during my undergraduate degree, and afterwards worked for a non-profit counseling center before coming to Yale. My academic interests are primarily in the history and theology of the early modern and patristic periods, and particularly in the history of pastoral care. For fun, I enjoy music, reading, travel, and spending time with friends and family. I'm excited to be a part of the Saybrook community this year, and look forward to getting to know everyone! Feel free to contact me.


Abby Waugh | Silliman College

Hi all, my name is Abby and I am a second-year student at the Yale School of Public Health where I will complete my 5-year joint BS/MPH program next May. I am originally from Jackson, Ohio and just graduated from Yale College in May of 2020. At Yale College, I majored in Neuroscience and enjoyed working at the Child Study Center, Canine Cognition Center, and Social Robotics Lab during my time there. This year I am excited to return to Silliman College and work with students to keep campus safe and healthy! Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any concerns I can help with, or ideas about how to make campus life fun and safe this year. I am more than happy to chat about public health, campus life, or answer any questions as best I can! See you around campus soon!


Jack Barsody | Timothy Dwight College

My name is Jack Barsody, and I was born and raised in northern Minnesota. I went to Saint John’s University (MN) for undergrad majoring in Biochemistry and Theology, and just finished several months of service at a Benedictine monastery in New Jersey. I’m a joint-degree student at Yale Divinity School and Yale School of Public Health, with plans to to focus on bioethics and healthcare administration. I wanted to be a PHC because it is a great opportunity integrate two of my passions— pastoral care and public health! In my free time I enjoy camping, hunting, fishing and reading. I’m hoping to explore more of New England over these next few years as well as participate in the activities that Yale has to offer! 


Tyler Kellenberger | Trumbull College

Hello everyone! My name is Tyler and I am a first year Master of Public Health student in the Health Care Management program at the Yale School of Public Health. I am originally from Florida, and prior to coming to Yale I attended the University of Florida, where I earned a bachelor’s degree in Health Science with summa cum laude distinction. Throughout my undergraduate studies I spent a great deal of time working on developing brain and skin cancer therapeutics at both the University of Florida Health Cancer Center and the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. Right now, I am particularly interested in the complex interplay between the fields of medicine and public health, and I have a fervent passion for improving cost, quality, and access in the U.S. healthcare system. In my free time I love to read, hangout with friends, try new foods, and explore the great outdoors! I am looking forward to being a Public Health Coordinator in Trumbull College because I have a great appreciation for the residential college system, and I believe Trumbull is the best! I am very excited to use my knowledge and understanding of public health to help protect and promote the health, safety, and well-being of all of Trumbull’s community members. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, concerns, or if you would like to talk about public health.