The process of the housing/room draw—held separately in each residential college—occurs early in the Spring term. Students receive the rooming regulations in an email from the rooming committee before spring break, and are expected to become familiar with them. The room draw utilizes the recently-launched Vesta software platform to calculate housing results. 

The rooming committee, which typically consists of the college dean and undergraduates representing each class, governs the room draw process. The committee ensures that room draw is fair and transparent to all who participate. Students are subject to the Yale College room regulations, including those students who opt to live off campus, study abroad, or take a Leave of Absence. Rising juniors and seniors are expected to opt in or out of the housing lottery by a date set by their respective college Dean, in Vesta. 

Please note that all sophomores must live on campus, unless they are married or over 21 years of age. Students who fail to attend their housing draw will draw last in their class lottery.


If an applicant cannot attend a lottery, he or she must submit a signed proxy form to the Dean’s Office in advance of the housing draw nominating a specific individual as their representative.