Yale Status Board Launches

Yale recently launched a web-based dashboard, Yale Status Board (YSB), that displays notifications from various departments on campus. The platform is an innovative way for the Yale community to stay informed about critical events, outages, and service interruptions occurring on campus, contributing to the university community’s safety, well-being, and efficient functioning.

Key benefits of the dashboard include:

  • Streamlined and enhanced communication: The Yale Status Board will provide an enhanced centralized platform for broadcasting essential messages. It will reach a larger community, ensuring that critical information regarding events, such as building power outages or public safety alerts, is timely and effectively communicated in real-time.
  • Improved situational awareness: The application will consolidate data from various systems and sites, providing an overall view of the operational status of facilities throughout Yale’s campuses. It will also enable faster decision-making and better coordination during emergencies or campus events.
  • Strengthened safety and security: The Yale Status Board will contribute to a safer campus environment with a broader reach and improved communication capabilities. The website enhances our community’s overall safety and security by ensuring that important safety information, such as evacuation procedures or security alerts, is easily accessible.
  • Enhanced community satisfaction: Students, faculty, staff, and visitors will have access to a centralized platform to stay updated on critical events and make informed decisions regarding their activities on campus.
  • Future Yale Status Board features: The capabilities of the Yale Status Board will continue to evolve and expand to include more areas of the Yale community.

A second launch with enhanced capabilities is planned for the upcoming months.