Yale-ism Definition


The Asian American Cultural Center, located at 295 Crown Street.

Af-Am House

The Afro-American Cultural Center, located at 211 Park Street
AKW Arthur K. Watson Hall, home to the Department of Computer Science, located at 51 Prospect Street (not to be confused with Watson Center at 60 Sachem Street, where many astronomy courses meet).
Bluebooking The process of researching courses to take (formerly done by scouring voluminous blue-covered books of course descriptions!). "Bluebooking" is still done, but takes place online on the Yale College Programs of Study website.
Blue State A local chain of coffee shops with locations on York Street, Wall Street, and State Street where some Yalies study and meet with others.
Buttery Each residential college at Yale has a buttery. It is a late-night cafe with inexpensive food for purchase and fun basement games, like foosball, ping-pong, and billiards.
Camp Yale A joking name for the period of time in August between the opening of the residential colleges and the beginning of classes.
CEID (Often pronounced “seed”) The Center for Engineering, Innovation, and Design, an 8,700-square-foot-space that includes a large, well-equipped design lab and hosts lectures, tech talks, and social events, located within the Becton Center at 15 Prospect Street.
Commons The historic central dining hall on campus, part of the Yale Bicentennial complex located at the intersection of Grove Street and College Street. Formally named the Stephen A. Schwarzman Center in 2015, the facility continues to be known as Commons.
The Co-op The LGBTQ Student Cooperative, Yale’s all-inclusive umbrella student organization focused on LGBTQ and allied activism.
CoCos “Co-coordinators” of any student organization, especially referring to the student leaders of Dwight Hall at Yale’s Student Executive Committee.
CourseTable A popular student-created website for researching courses.
CTL The main physical space of the Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning, located within Sterling Memorial Library, with a direct entrance at 301 York Street.
The Game The annual Harvard-Yale football game, which occurs on the first Saturday of November recess.
God Quad­ Suite J21 in Branford College, home to specially elected members of the college, who are given funding to host frequent social events within the suite.
GroupMe A popular group messaging app, often used by large groups or organizations that may include certain members without a Facebook account.
HoC Head of College.
The Hall Dwight Hall at Yale, formerly known as the Center for Public Service and Social Justice, located on Old Campus. The oldest and largest student-led service organization in the country.
Dport Davenport College.
E&EB The Ecology and Evolutionary Biology major.
EP&E The Ethics, Politics, & Economics major.
ER&M The Ethnicity, Race, & Migration major.
FCC First-Year Class Council, the student government of the first-year class.
FroCo First-Year Counselor.
Glee The Yale Glee Club, the principal undergraduate mixed choir.
GHeav Good Nature Market (formerly named Gourmet Heaven), a 24-hour specialty grocery store with locations on Broadway and Whitney Ave, often visited by Yalies seeking late-night food or small personal items.
KBT Kline Biology Tower, the tallest building on campus and home of the Department of Biology, located at 219 Prospect Street on Science Hill.
JE Jonathan Edwards College.
La Casa La Casa Cultural, the Latinx cultural center, located at 301 Crown Street.
Land of Math Leet Oliver Memorial Hall, home to the Department of Mathematics, located at 12 Hillhouse Avenue.
LC Linsly-Chittenden Hall, home of the Department of English offices and location of a variety of humanities courses, located at 63 High Street with an additional entrance on Old Campus.
L-Dub Lanman-Wright Hall, the dormitory on Old Campus for students in Berkeley and Pierson Colleges, located at 206 Elm Street.
MB&B The Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry major.
NACC The Native American Cultural Center, located at 26 High Street.
Princess Suite A two-story penthouse at the top of Welch Hall on Old Campus, home to a lucky set of first-year women in Davenport College each year.
PSET Problem set; a homework assignment in a STEM or economics course.
PWG Payne Whitney Gym, the main campus gymnasium, located at 70 Tower Parkway.
Reading Period A five-day period between the end of classes and the beginning of final exams during which students can conclude their coursework and prepare for finals.
Rush The recruitment/audition process for a cappella groups, improv troupes, fraternities, sororities, and certain other student organizations; also used as a verb to denote participation in this process.
S&DS The Statistics & Data Science major.
SCC Sophomore Class Council or Senior Class Council, the branches of the student government for those respective classes.
Science Hill The location of several labs and science classroom buildings, delimited by Sachem Street, Prospect Street, Edward Street, and Whitney Avenue.
Shopping Period Period of roughly two weeks at the start of each semester, during which students may attend any class they wish before officially registering; formally known as Course Selection Period.
Slifka The Joseph Slifka Center for Jewish Life at Yale, which hosts Jewish services, contains a kosher and halal dining hall, and is home to a variety of Jewish organizations and activities on campus; located at 80 Wall Street.
Snackpass A popular food-ordering app that offers student discounts at many New Haven eateries.
TEAL A large classroom on the first floor of 17 Hillhouse equipped with 5 projection screens, 14 flat-screen displays, and ubiquitous whiteboard space, often used by physics and computer science students for studying and collaboration and by instructors using a flipped classroom approach.
TD-Heav The Whitney Avenue location of GHeav [go to: GHeav entry], proximate to Timothy Dwight College.
The Whiffs The Whiffenpoofs, the all-senior a cappella group.
Whim Whim ‘n Rhythm, the all-senior a cappella group.
WLH William L. Harkness Hall, host to many language, humanities, and social science courses, located at 100 Wall Street, with additional entrances on Cross Campus.
YCC The Yale College Council, the umbrella student government organization for undergraduates. (See "SCC")
YDN The Yale Daily News, the student-run campus newspaper.
YUAG (Often pronounced YOO-agh) the Yale University Art Gallery.
The Zoo A space for computer science students to work and collaborate, located on the third floor of Arthur K. Watson (AKW) Hall.