First-year orientation is a required activity for all members of the class. You are expected to arrive on Friday, August 28, between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. Please schedule your travel so that you arrive during these hours. We recommend that you come to campus as soon after 9 a.m. as you can on August 28 so that you have as much time as possible to get settled and to enjoy orientation activities.

Mandatory events are scheduled from 8 pm on Friday, August 28 through the evening of Thursday, September 3. All first-years are required to be on campus and available for the first seven days of the term. More Information will be available in the coming months.

Public Safety Information

Bag Check

Bags 12” x 12” or larger in size will not be permitted at the Yale College Assembly and will have to be returned to your room or vehicle. Our security staff are unable to hold bags.

Lost and Found

If you lose an item during the opening days, please call the Yale Security Department at 203-785-5555. A dispatcher will assist you in finding the proper lost and found location. 

Sign up for Yale ALERT

Yale ALERT can reach students, faculty, staff and members of the New Haven community, with time-sensitive information during unforeseen events or emergencies using voice, email, and/or text messaging. The University will use emergency contact numbers that have been registered with Yale.

Yale visitors and guests who wish to receive emergency communications (text, email or voice) from the university should text “Join Yale_Alert” to 30890 or go to the Yale ALERT website and follow the directions provided.