Undergraduates at Yale College are encouraged to explore its flourishing arts community, ever-growing and rich with dynamism and possibility.

The Yale College Arts website offers a comprehensive view of creative opportunities at the College. Students may partake of every facet of dramatic production on stage or screen--writing, directing, producing, set design, and acting. They may immerse themselves in the studio arts—from painting to sculpture to virtual and mixed media projects. They may participate in innovative dance performance; photography; a capella groups and symphonies and opera. They may immerse themselves in the writing arts, from poetry to memoir to journalism. Yale undergraduates have nearly unlimited opportunity to develop skills and find expression for their creative passions.

Creative and Performing Arts

Administered by the Council of Heads of College, the Creative and Performing Arts (CPA) Awards support on-campus dramatic, musical, dance, video or film productions, literary publications, and exhibitions in each residential college. These projects are supported by the Sudler Fund, the Welch Art Fund, and the Bates Fund. 

Please see the Creative and Performing Arts website for information.