Cultural Affairs & Centers

Cultural centers house student organizations and provide space for meetings, plays, art exhibits, and parties. Founded in 1969, the Afro-American Cultural Center provided a model for the more recently established Asian American Cultural Center, the Cultural Center for Chicano, Puerto Rican, and other Latino students, and the Native American Cultural Center. In addition to meeting space, each center offers a library, a kitchen, computers, and a variety of other facilities. These cultural centers foster a sense of cultural identity and educate people in the larger community. They also act as optional social centers and community bases for students of a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, supplementing the social environment of the larger, pluralistic Yale College community.

Intercultural Affairs Council

The Intercultural Affairs Council of Yale College strives to support an inclusive and diverse campus environment that: engages in community dialogue; promotes cultural awareness, respect and appreciation; and challenges bias on the basis of race and ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, social class, or other distinction. The council collaboratively offers educational and social programming to enhance the overall academic and developmental achievement of all students, while providing avenues for personal growth and increased advocacy, involvement, and support for the Yale community.

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Peer Liaisons

Peer liaisons are upperclassmen who help connect freshmen to the wealth of support and programming initiatives based in the residential colleges.  These student leaders also help first year students adjust to life at Yale and empower each student to be an engaged, responsible, and proactive citizen on campus.

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