In fidelity to the values of a liberal arts education, Yale College’s academic requirements are designed to ensure that all students are exposed to a broad variety of fields of inquiry and approaches to knowledge. Together with a student’s major requirements, they comprise the foundation of an undergraduate education at Yale. As they fulfill the area and skills distributional requirements, undergraduates engage in critical thinking across a wide variety of disciplines.

Area Requirements

  • two course credits in the humanities and arts
  • two course credits in the sciences
  • two course credits in the social sciences

Skills Requirements

  • two course credits in quantitative reasoning
  • two course credits in writing
  • course(s) to further their foreign language proficiency

Depending on their level of foreign language proficiency at matriculation, students may fulfill the foreign language requirement with one, two, or three courses or by a combination of course work and approved study abroad. The Foreign Language Chart offers an overview of foreign language requirements.