Old Campus and Student Affairs Fellows Program

Old Campus Fellows (OCFs) and the Student Affairs Fellow (SAF) are appointed by the Yale College Dean’s Office and work in collaboration with the masters, deans, and freshman counselors of the residential colleges to provide residential supervision and support for students living on the Old Campus, the primary residential area for Yale’s freshmen.

The main role of Old Campus Fellows (OCFs) is to promote the safety and welfare of the residents on Old Campus. They help to enforce the Undergraduate Regulations and are available to respond in case of emergency.  OCFs also work with the Office of Freshman Affairs and the Yale College Dean’s Office to introduce freshmen to various resources and services on campus that are particularly relevant to freshmen. Old Campus fellows reside on the Old Campus and each is affiliated with a residential college. Like fellows in the residential colleges, Old Campus fellows have full-time appointments throughout the university.

The Student Affairs Fellow (SAF) is employed full-time by Yale College to develop and provide non-clinical, educational services to undergraduates aimed at reducing the risks associated with the use of drugs and alcohol. The Student Affairs Fellow resides on the Old Campus and works directly with students—in particular freshmen and freshman counselors. The SAF coordinates with the Dean of Student Affairs, the Dean of Freshman Affairs, the masters of residential colleges, college deans, and University Health Services.

Old Campus Fellows (OCF)

Chamonix Adams-Porter (OCF) (SAF)


Elizabeth Larsen (OCF) (SAF)


David Lindsey (OCF) (SAF)


Hannah Rose Peck (OCF)


Swing Space Fellows (SSF)

Anthony Goins II (SSF)
100 Tower Parkway

Bowen Posner (SSF)
100 Tower Parkway

Angela Gleason (SSF)
100 Tower Parkway