Executive Committee

The Yale College Executive Committee is responsible for the fair, consistent, and uniform enforcement of the Undergraduate Regulations, the disciplinary rules governing students in Yale College. It receives complaints of alleged infractions of those regulations whether academic or nonacademic. Its jurisdiction also includes other actions on the part of undergraduates that may in the judgment of the committee warrant disciplinary action because these actions may imperil the integrity and values of the academic community or the safety of its members. The Executive Committee may assign penalties as provided in the Undergraduate Regulations, though in some cases authority is delegated to other University officials such as the masters of the residential colleges, the University Librarian, the directors of the Yale computer facilities, and the Executive Director of Yale Dining, who may summarily impose certain penalties for violations of dormitory, library, computer facility, and dining services regulations. Violations of sexual misconduct policies are addressed by the University-Wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct (UWC), which has authority to recommend penalties to the dean of Yale College.

As an institution, the Executive Committee is responsible to the Yale College Faculty and ultimately to the University. The committee is charged with protecting the Yale College community so as to ensure the integrity of academic instruction, the physical security of students, and the preservation of the property and educational resources of the University. The committee is bound at all times to consider the manner in which its actions and decisions may affect the persons and groups—faculty, student body, administration, and staff—whose activities carry and foster the intellectual and residential life of Yale College.

Committee members

Paul North, Chair

Laura Wexler, Fact Finder

Gregg Peeples, Secretary

Eileen Galvéz, Dean’s Designate

Marci Shore      

Helene Landemore        

Daniel Prober     

Brian Scholl          

Andrew Johnston              

Emily Erikson    

Susan Sawyer, Adviser

Lorraine Siggins, Adviser

Nick Girard ES ‘19            

Michael Bogaty, SM ‘19  

Sean Bland, ES ‘18

Tracy Wang, Saybrook ‘18

​Yesenia Chavez, BR ‘20