June 30, 2023

Dear Class of 2027,   

In just over a month, you will be here with us on campus, participating in orientation; and then starting your classes. As you prepare for this transition, we want to share with you some of the values and standards at the heart of our community.

Yale is a place where you will be introduced to many new ideas, new people, and new opportunities. We ask that you approach your Yale years with openness and an eagerness to learn, not only in the classroom, but also from those around you in all contexts.    Yale is a place where people from different backgrounds and with different understandings of the world all belong. Even before you set foot on campus for the fall semester, it is vital for you to know that you belong at Yale. There are no admissions mistakes – you will be a valuable and vital member of our community.   

We have high standards at Yale, both in and out of the classroom. We expect that when you arrive you will treat everyone at Yale, and in the New Haven community with the utmost respect and thoughtfulness. Since we are a large community, we find that it is important for everyone to have a shared understanding of our expectations for community interactions. The Belonging at Yale website provides information about Yale’s approach to building an inclusive community.   

There are a few pieces of information that are so important we would like to highlight them separately for you.

The first is Yale's commitment to the free exchange of ideas as part of an ethical, interdependent, and diverse community. Yale University has put together some resources on Free Expression for Yale community; I encourage you to explore the links gathered together on the Free Expression page.

The second is the website highlighting resources for discrimination and harassment concerns. We take these concerns very seriously and have a robust support system set up to support students during their time here. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the information.

The third is the required online training Preventing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct designed to provide a foundation as you begin your time at Yale. Each of us plays an important role in cultivating an environment at Yale that is respectful, inclusive, and free of sexual misconduct.  This 20-minute training outlines and explains Yale’s policies and definitions related to sexual misconduct, campus resources, reporting mechanisms, and general strategies for prevention and response. Please complete this training as soon as possible. If you have any questions about this training, please email the Title IX Office at titleix@yale.edu

Creating a space where we can all thrive requires participation from everyone involved. Your actions will contribute to building this space and creating the Yale of tomorrow.     


Dean Peck   

Hannah Rose Peck 
Associate Dean of Student Affairs 
Yale College Dean's Office  (she/her)


This week’s important dates and reminders include:

    •    First-year Housing Portal is now live! All first-year and transfer students are required to schedule a move-in appointment. To access the undergraduate housing portal, click on the Housing Portal.

  • On the login page, click on the blue “Yale - Student SSO Login” and you will be prompted to login with your Yale NetID and password. It is recommended that when using the housing portal, you are on a computer rather than a mobile device and the preferred browser to use is Google Chrome. It is also important to ensure you are logging in using your Yale NetID and Password. If issues persist, please reach out to yalecollegehousing@yale.edu with a detailed description of the issue and we will assist you.

    •    June 30th - Deadline to upload Photo ID for identification card

    •    July 3rd - Summer online placement exams begin

    •    July 10th - Family Information Form due

    •    July 15th - FOOT and/or Harvest health forms due

 •    August 1st - Fall-term fees available for payment

•    August 1st - Yale Health and Physical Exam form due

•    August 1st - Vaccination Record due

•    August 1st - Office of the Chaplain Religious Information Form due

•    **NEW FORM ADDED** September 15th - Deadline to submit First-Year Biographical Questionnaire   

  • The First-Year Biographical Questionnaire is a brief survey in which you share your high school accomplishments, academic and extracurricular interests, and demographic information with alumni who support everyone's Yale experience through the Office of Development.

Please go to New Student Dates and Deadlines for a full list of deadlines.

Please go to New Student Forms & Tasks for first steps and important resources.