Writing at Yale College

Yale undergraduates may develop their writing skills in any one of 170 courses, spanning more than 40 departments and ranging in subject from psychology to philosophy to film studies to ecology and evolutionary biology. Additionally, the Writing Center provides student writers with extensive in-person and online support. Especially of interest to student writers is the new Yale Journalism Initiative, part of the Writing Center, which sponsors advanced journalism courses in the English Department, organizes and promotes a series of writers’ visits, and provides resources for students in the College seeking internships at newspapers and other publications.

Many advanced writing courses are offered in the English Department—fiction, poetry, playwriting, creative non-fiction, and journalism. The Creative Writing Concentration allows students to take a series of workshops, culminating in a creative senior essay. Other advanced and specialized writing courses are offered through the Residential College Seminar program, often with renowned, award-winning writers. Additionally, more than 25 student publications are produced at Yale, including the nation’s oldest daily college newspaper (Yale Daily News), and journals devoted to subjects ranging from Music Criticism to Globalization Studies to Public Health to Angling. Student writers of any year may compete for lucrative prizes; award-winning essays are published on the Writing Center website and elsewhere