Yale College Experience

Yale College is dedicated to providing a liberal arts education that fosters intellectual curiosity, independent thinking, and leadership. The following are areas of particular emphasis in the curricular and extracurricular experience of our students.


Yale’s resources, coupled with an active campus presence of distinguished museums and performing arts organizations, insure that Yale art students remain fully engaged as active partners in the unfolding of new understanding, new work, and new research.


With its robust undergraduate curriculum and diverse student body, its plentiful overseas study, research, and internship opportunities, the support offered to faculty, and programs designed to bring international distinction to our campus, Yale committed to its position as a leader in global education.


Through their course work and in the lab, Yale undergraduates have the opportunity to learn from leading thinkers in their fields. The faculty’s dedication to teaching underscores Yale’s commitment to foster new ideas and encourage active and independent thinking.


Yale undergraduates may develop their writing skills in any one of 170 courses, spanning more than 40 departments and ranging in subject from psychology to philosophy to film studies to ecology and evolutionary biology.