Special Notes about Housing, Dining Services, and Accommodation for Students with Medical Conditions and Disabilities


A student who requests special consideration in rooming because of a disability or medical condition must:

  • state the circumstances in a letter addressed to the Resource Office on Disabilities, and
  • send appropriate supporting medical documentation, signed by a treating physician and on letterhead stationery

The student’s letter and the medical documentation may be sent separately, but both must be received by Monday, June 3, 2019A timely response is especially important because, once a rooming assignment has been made, it will not be possible to change it.  Although transfer students will learn about their college assignments in mid-July, most transfer housing assignments will be made in June. 

Send your information to: Resource Office on Disabilities | Yale University | P.O. Box 208305 | New Haven, CT 06520-8305 | Fax: 203-432-8250 

Please note 

Many physicians have very busy practices. It is important that you contact your doctor well in advance of the deadline so that your doctor’s letter will arrive in time.

Food Allergies

Students with food allergies must notify the University so that plans may be made for necessary dietary considerations in dining halls.  For instructions on how to notify us, please send an e-mail with the subject heading: “Transfer Student Reporting Food Allergies” to anthony.kulikowski@yale.edu and include your name, full mailing address and a phone number where we can reach you.

Accommodation for Students with Medical Conditions and Disabilities

For answers to questions about accommodations for medical conditions and disabilities, please contact Ms. Sarah Chang, Associate Director of the Yale Resource Office on Disabilities, at sarah.chang@yale.edu or 203-432-2325, as early as possible.