Directors of Undergraduate Studies

The undergraduate program of each department is under the general supervision of a director of undergraduate studies (DUS), who is in charge of the undergraduate curriculum of the department. Directors of undergraduate studies are authorities on the nature and objectives of their disciplines and the general features of the departments’ undergraduate programs.

More particularly, the DUS is familiar with the range, focus, and objectives of individual courses in the department, as well as with departmental ­placement policies and major requirements. You should consult the DUS on any matter relating to course selections for majors as well as for information about the credit you will receive toward completion of the requirements of your major. Such consultations do not need to take place until after you have arrived at Yale.

If your residential college dean cannot answer a question about a particular department and you are unable to find the answer in the Yale College Programs of Study (YCPS), you should consult the appropriate DUS. In the YCPS, the name, campus address, telephone number, and e-mail address for each DUS are listed at the beginning of the departmental entry; you can also find their names listed online by clicking here. Often, large departments have departmental representatives in the residential colleges; their names are listed in the YCPS. Where there is a departmental representative, bring your questions first to the representative in your college.