Academic Fair

During your first few days on campus, a number of activities will help you get the academic year started. A particularly important opportunity to gather information about aca­demic programs is the Academic Fair. Faculty members from all academic departments and programs, plus staff members from the Office of Career Strategy, the Center for Language Study, the Center for International and Professional Experience, the STARS program, and the library system, will be available in two central locations to offer you information and advice about courses, placement, and prerequisites for majors.

What is the purpose of the Academic Fair?

  • to showcase programs and departments
  • to offer guidance and accurate information about courses, placement, and prerequisites for majors
  • to share news of upcoming departmental initiatives or events
  • to distribute Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) contact information for follow-up meetings
  • to allow you to put a face to a name, and to help you being the process of consulting with a DUS or with faculty members

When is it held?

The Academic Fair takes place each fall on the Tuesday before the first day of classes, from 2:00-3:30 p.m.

Who should attend?

All first-year students, transfer students, and other students new to Yale, such as Eli Whitney students, should attend.  

Where is it held?

The Academic Fair is divided between Linsley-Chittenden Hall (on Old Campus) and William L. Harkness Hall (across from Hopper College and near Sterling Memorial Library). Many of humanities departments and programs are in LC, with the remaining humanities departments, along with the social science and science departments, in WLH. A guide to departmental room assignments is distributed to all eligible students in August.