Housing, College Affiliation, and Advising Form (for Transfer Students)

This form must be filled out and returned by every entering transfer student, whether or not you are an applicant for a residential college room. Notice of residential college affiliation and room assignment will be mailed by mid-July.  Answers to the academic questions at the end of the form will be shared with your adviser to help him or her advise you better.

General Information

Yale strongly believes that the best housing situations involve an interplay of people with different backgrounds and interests. It is our experience that Yale College students gain much from such an interplay, and with this in mind the information you provide on this form will be used to assign you to your residential college and to your roommates. This system has worked  well in the past, and transfers may securely rest their confidence in it.

  • Each Yale College student is a member of one of the fourteen residential colleges; the Yale College Dean’s Office will give you your assignment. 
  • On-campus housing consists of suites, typically made up of a common living room with attached bedrooms that accommodate two or four students. It is not possible to honor requests for single rooms.
  • Once housing has been assigned, it is impossible to honor requests for changes.

Special Notes

  • Sophomores are required to live on campus unless they are married or are at least twenty-one years of age. Requests for permission to live off campus for either of these reasons must be submitted in writing with this form.
  • A student who for a specific medical reason requests special consideration in rooming should state the circumstances on an attached piece of paper. This is especially important because, once the assignment has been made, it will be impossible to change .

Important: If you plan to enroll, please complete and submit this form. Contact Dean Camille Lizarribar (+1 203-432-2907camille.lizarribar@yale.eduwith any housing questions.

Please Indicate Appropriate Information:

(Do not use abbreviations on home address.)

While students are not allowed to have pets in their rooms, would you be comfortable living in a suite with a service or assistance animal (usually a dog) if it were required by a roommate?
Please limit your answer to 500 characters including spaces.
Which area are you most likely to concentrate in?

Incoming students may request a specific residential college if and only if a parent, sibling or grandparent lived/lives in that residential college as a Yale undergraduate. Please note that this information will be verified before the assignment is made. If you have a sibling who will be enrolled in Yale College during this upcoming school year, you may opt into or opt out of their residential college.

Request Information
If another parent, sibling or grandparent has a residential college affiliation, you may request that college below.
Request Information
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