Course Selection Period and Course Loads

Yale’s course selection period (also known as “shopping period”) during the first two weeks of classes allows you to participate in courses that interest you without enrolling in them right away. After you arrive on campus, you will select courses to visit during the course selection period, from which you will choose four or five in which to enroll.

Please be aware that classes conducted during the first two weeks of the term are regular, full-fledged classes in which readings, homework, and, occasionally, quizzes or exams, are assigned, so you should be prepared to keep up with assignments and participate fully in each class that you may wish to visit.

It is recommended that transfer students “shop” no more than 8-10 courses in the fall term, and that during the first term of enrollment they sign up for 4 or, at most, 4.5 credits. Most Yale students take nine credits over the course of the fall and spring terms, usually dividing them 4.5 + 4.5 or, more commonly, 4 + 5. While acclimating yourself to Yale, it is generally not advisable to enroll in five or more credits, unless special circumstances pertain. Your residential college dean, your academic adviser, and the directors of undergraduate studies in the various academic departments are all available to advise you on a suitable fall-term course load.