Non-degree Students Program

The Non-degree Students program is designed to meet the needs of students with specific and defined educational goals, which may include personal or professional enrichment, exploration of new fields, or preparation for career changes. This program offers nonresident students who are unable to attend college full time the opportunity to enroll in Yale College courses for credit. The Non-degree Students program is open to graduates of Yale College, and is also open to academically qualified persons who have attended other colleges and universities, or who have not continued their education beyond high school. Like all others enrolled in Yale College, students in this program are required to comply with the academic regulations. Students not matriculated at Yale but participating in one of Yale’s Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) programs under a cross-town arrangement are registered as Non-degree students. As such they are subject to Yale College undergraduate regulations as a condition of their participation in Yale’s ROTC program.

Non-degree students may enroll in from one to five courses in any academic term. Non-degree students may not take more than a total of eighteen course credits in the Non-degree Students program.

Please click here for additional information about the Non-degree Students Program, including how to apply, and here for academic regulations.