Eli Whitney Students Program

 Welcome to Yale and to the Eli Whitney Students Program!  We’re delighted that you’ve accepted Yale’s offer of admission and stand poised to join the dynamic and distinguished group of non-traditional students at Yale.

Late in the summer, you’ll receive a hard copy of the Eli Whitney Student Handbook via U.S. mail, but what follows are some links to handy information that you can use now.

For questions about the program, email the director, Dean Risa Sodi, risa.sodi@yale.edu, or her senior administrative assistant, Ms. Jennifer Stewart, jennifer.l.stewart@yale.edu. Both Dean Sodi and Ms. Stewart can answer your questions or give you contact information for the Eli Whitney peer contacts — current students who are eager to assist you navigate the transition to Yale and to New Haven.

where to find the Rules goverening the ewsp and Additional EWSP Information

The academic rules and regulations that govern the Eli Whitney Students Program can be found in the EWSP section of the Yale College Programs of Study.  Additional information about the Eli Whitney Students Program is available here.

Advising and the advising form

Each Eli Whitney student is assigned a faculty adviser. Please click here for information about academic advising for Eli Whitney students (including advising by your faculty adviser, residential college dean, head of college, and directors of undergraduate studies).

All incoming Eli Whitney students are asked to click on the Transfer Student Housing and Advising Form and fill out the advising section only. The information you provide will  help your faculty adviser, residential college dean, and the director of the Eli Whitney Students Program advise you.

information intended for freshmen that Eli Whitney students will also find handy

New Eli Whitney students will find that much of the information on the New Students Website, though intended for traditional-age, first-years students, is useful for them, too. Your attention is directed to the links below in particular.

information intended for Transfer students that eli whitney students will also find handy

Eli Whitney students often have many of the same questions and concerns as incoming transfer students (generally speaking, traditional-age sophomores and juniors). Accordingly, you may find it useful to consult the Transfer Student Handbook sections listed below.  Please do bear, however, in mind that these sections were written with transfer students, and not Eli Whitney students, in mind and adjust as needed.

Introduction to Yale Academics

Planning Your Academic Program

General Academic Information

Financial Information

Planning Your Move