David Everett Chantler (B.A. 1910) Award

Established by Mrs. Frederick J. Robinson in memory of her brother, David Everett Chantler (B.A. 1910) of Pittsburgh, PA.  This award is to be presented in the spring to that graduating member of the Senior Class who has best exemplified qualities of courage, strength of character, and high moral purpose.

  • Keerthana Annamaneni  (Timothy Dwight College)
  • Siduri Beckman (Jonathan Edwards College)
  • Veena Muraleetharan (Pierson College)
  • Liana Wang (Davenport College)
  • Jackson Willis (Berkeley College)

The William H. McKim Prize 

Friends and classmates in memory of William H. McKim, Class of 1954.  For a Senior majoring in political science, economics, history, or a related field (e.g., Russian Studies), who has shown tremendous academic progress and achievement in their upper-class years and who has made a significant contribution in one or more activities outside the classroom.

  • Dustin Nguyen (Berkeley College)
  • Matthew Motylenski (Trumbull College)
  • Vincent Vaughns (Pierson College)

The Roosevelt L. Thompson Prize 

This prize is to be awarded to a member of the Senior Class for commitment to and capacity for public service.  The recipient should be outstanding in the Senior Class for dedication to public service -- service to "the team, the college, the community," as Thompson expressed it himself.  Like Thompson, the recipient should exemplify great human warmth, commitment to fairness, compassion for all people, and the promise of moral leadership in the public sphere.

  • Onyx Brunner (Morse College)
  • Shamsa Derrick (Grace Hopper College)
  • Kushal Dev (Silliman College)
  • Aidan Pillard (Jonathan Edwards College)
  • Christian Fernandez (Benjamin Franklin College)
  • Daniel Kaylor (Ezra Stiles College)
  • Michael Najem (Timothy Dwight College)
  • Jessica Trinh (Branford College)
  • Maurice Ware (Davenport College)

Athletic Award: Robert E. Lewis Awards for Intramural Sports

These dual prizes typically go to the senior who best embody the ideals of the intramural program at Yale.

  • Stephanie Noelle Higginson (Morse College)
  • Joshua Perez-Cruet (Grace Hopper College)