August 20, 2021

Dear Class of 2025, 

We cannot wait to welcome you all to campus next week! Preparations are in full swing for your arrival – your rooms are clean, food is on order, and the student leaders are already on campus waiting for you. Before you arrive, here are a few last pieces of important information: 


In case you missed it, here is a link to Dean Boyd’s email outlining how move-in will work. If you are planning to arrive by car, please print out a car sign (scroll down to the middle of the webpage) with the name of the building you will be living in and display it in your windshield to help the traffic guides to direct you to the right place. Fully vaccinated family and friends are welcome to help you move in. If you are driving to campus and have a hand cart at home, you may want to bring it with you to make your move-in easier.  

Arrival Testing

Please schedule a Covid-19 test now, so that you can test right after you arrive on campus. You can test even before you have picked up your Yale ID as long as you made the appointment through MyChart. If you are participating in a pre-orientation program, please follow the specific testing instructions sent to you by that program.  

Covid-19 Information

Dean Boyd will be in touch soon with specific information about Covid-19 requirements for the beginning of the term. Please keep an eye out for an email from her.  

Calendar of Opening Days

Orientation events for students begin at 8pm on Friday, August 27 and run until the beginning of classes. This year, there are no formal events for families, all events are restricted to students. We hope to be able to welcome your families for events on campus soon, but the current conditions do not make it possible at this time. We will share the full orientation schedule with you next week.  

See you all very soon, 

Dean Peck