August 6, 2020

To all students enrolled in residence who are living off campus,

We are writing with information you can use over the next few weeks as you plan to move into your off-campus housing. Although you will be living independently, you will be expected to abide by many of the same quarantine and testing requirements that apply to students living on campus because you will be interacting with the residential community and will soon have access to campus.

We have now received guidance from the State of Connecticut and other authorities, as well as Yale’s own public health experts, so we are able to share with you details about quarantine requirements depending on the origin of your travel to New Haven, and instructions and recommendations for your arrival. For additional details about testing requirements, please read the updated Health and Safety Guidelines, and discuss them, along with this message, with your parents and guardians.

The information and instructions that follow are for all students enrolled in residence who are living off campus in New Haven or nearby. As students in this category, you will have access to campus and to Yale College's residential community. If you would like to change your enrollment status and enroll remotely, without access to campus or the residential community, you may do so through SIS; your term bill and financial aid package will be adjusted accordingly. If you plan to enroll remotely, we ask that you follow the spirit of the community compact and take steps to prevent the spread of the virus.

Take a viral test at home

Although you will be tested for COVID-19 on campus before the semester starts, you will also be asked to take a viral test at home one to two weeks before you arrive. This week, Yale Health will e-mail instructions for obtaining this test, which will be paid for by the university. For additional information, please review the COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines.

Schedule your initial on-campus test date

All students enrolled in residence who are living off campus must be tested before the semester starts and then twice weekly throughout the term. Testing for off-campus students begins August 20. Please schedule your first test to take place promptly after you arrive; if you are already in New Haven, please schedule it to take place on August 20 or 21. You will receive instructions in mid August.

Understand the length of your arrival quarantine

If you are traveling from a restricted state, as determined by the State of Connecticut, you must quarantine for the first 14 days after your arrival, following the state's instructions, and you must complete this form. The 14 days of quarantine apply even if you receive negative test results; there is no option to test out of the requirement. Please plan to arrive with everything you need for those first 14 days, and to leave your place of residence only to be tested, to keep medical appointments, or to pick up prescriptions.

If you are not traveling from a restricted state, you do not need to quarantine; however, you are asked to quarantine in your place of residence for 24 to 36 hours until you receive the results of your initial on-campus viral test.

Understand the on-campus rules of the 14-day arrival quarantine

From August 21 until September 12, all students living on campus will be quarantining for 14 days, and during that time they will be restricted to their own residential colleges or Old Campus. You will have no access to the residential colleges or to Old Campus during this quarantine period apart from testing appointments scheduled at one of those locations.

Take online health and safety training

Yale has made available online training that provides COVID-related information about health and safety. You will need to complete the training before you can use Student Information Systems (SIS) and register for classes. The training is available on Canvas, Yale's learning management system.

Understand the community compact

The community compact is an essential component to keeping the community safe. Please read it carefully; do not just click through it. You will be expected to understand it and fulfill the commitments you make when you sign it. Yale College will enforce the compact, but it will also provide the community with guidance, support, and education about the compact because of its importance to public health.

We are grateful to you all for your patience and understanding as the university plans for your arrival. The communal effort to open campus is extraordinary, and it includes not only the faculty and staff but you as well, with the support of your parents and guardians. The semester ahead has many questions still. As answers become available, we will share them with you. We look forward to starting the semester together with you.

With best wishes from New Haven,

Marvin M. Chun
Dean of Yale College
Richard M. Colgate Professor of Psychology; Neuroscience; Cognitive Science

Melanie Boyd
Dean of Student Affairs
Senior Associate Dean in Yale College