January 14, 2022

Dear students,

I am following up on the message that Dean Chun sent yesterday to provide you with more detailed instructions for your arrival, and with urgent reminders about steps many of you still need to take.

Send your pre-arrival test results

Pre-arrival testing is so important in curbing an outbreak on campus that I am now asking you to submit your negative test results before you arrive. If you cannot get a pre-arrival test, you will need to observe a longer phase one quarantine, with two tests. Use the button below to submit your results or get more details on how to address other scenarios.

Register your arrival

The January 10 deadline has passed for registering your arrival, so many slots are no longer available. Weekdays have the most capacity, especially for testing; arriving on a weekday will also help balance the demands on isolation housing. You need to register to make sure you have card access and to help the public health team plan.

Submit your booster and flu shot documentation

If you are eligible for a booster, you need to get one before you return to campus, and submit your booster documentation. If you are not yet eligible for a booster, you must get one within seven days of becoming eligible and submit your documentation then.

Remember also to fulfill your flu shot requirement before coming to campus. If you did not receive your flu shot through Yale Health, upload your documents.

Come prepared

Test results are expected to take longer than usual because of high volume, especially on busy arrival days. Come prepared in case you test positive and need to enter quarantine immediately, or for inconclusive results, sometimes the sign of an early infection, that require additional testing. Bring a week's worth of snacks, flu medication, and clean clothes in case you have to wait to do laundry. And be sure to pick up a packet of ASTM-2 masks from your college as you move in so that you are in compliance with Yale’s new masking requirements.

I hope to write again before classes begin, possibly even sooner, with more details about life on campus in the opening weeks, including a best-case scenario for how we might ease back into in-person dining, campus gatherings, and other activities after in-person classes begin. What is possible will depend heavily on the campus infection rates – and those will depend on the degree to which everyone spreads out their arrival dates and follows the pre-arrival testing, arrival testing, and quarantine guidelines. I’m grateful to you for doing your part.


Melanie Boyd
Dean of Student Affairs Senior Associate Dean, Yale College
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