Yale College Committees

2017-2018 Academic Year

Standing Committees

Center for Collaborative Arts and Media


John Eberhart, Chair
Francesco Casetti
Ettore Causa
Emily Coates
Sheila de Bretteville
Richard Deming
Johannes DeYoung
Mark Thomas Gibson
Wendall Harrington
Konrad Kaczmarek
Kate Krier
Holly Rushmeier (fall)
Matthew Suttor
Jack Vees
Vincent Wilczynski

Computing and the Arts Advisory


Julie Dorsey, Chair

Carol Armstrong

James Aspnes

Marisa Bass

Johannes DeYoung

Lisa Kereszi

Bimal Mendis

Scott Peterson

Ian Quinn

Nathan Roberts

Holly Rushmeier (fall only)

Course of Study

The Course of Study Committee is the standing committee of the Yale College Faculty with which directors of undergraduate studies have the most direct and frequent contact. It is composed of members of the faculty drawn from the divisions of the humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences; members of the Yale College Dean’s Office; and undergraduate students. The Course of Study Committee is the main agency by which the Yale College Faculty controls, supervises, and improves the curriculum of Yale College. One of its chief responsibilities is considering and approving (or rejecting) proposals for additions or alterations to the curriculum submitted to it by departments and programs. The secretary to the chair of the Course of Study Committee is Beth Baumgartel, 246 Church Street, 432-7863.

In substantive matters the approval of the Course of Study Committee is not final but is subject to ratification by the Yale College Faculty. The addition of any new course to the curriculum, or a significant change in any already existing course or program, thus requires the approval of the Course of Study Committee and then of the faculty. For information about proposals for new courses and for changes in existing courses, changes to requirements of the major, and notification of Course of Study Committee’s Actions, see the Handbook for Directors of Undergraduate Studies in Yale College.


John Wargo, Chair (fall)

Lawrence Manley, Chair (spring)

George Levesque, Vice-Chair

Beth Baumgartel, Secretary

Nicole Evans, Recording Secretary

Emily Shandley, ex officio

Roderick McIntosh         

Vincent Wilczynski, ex officio

Greta LaFleur    

Tim Newhouse

Dylan Gee          

Jacob Middlekauf, SY ‘19              

Albin Quan, TD ‘20

Saloni Rao, DC ‘20

Dean's Advisory


To inform and advise the Dean of Yale College.


Marvin Chun, Chair
Larry Fulton, JE ’19 
Hillary Lutkus, CC ’18 
Brandon Marks, BR 18 
Lauren Sapienza, PC ’18 
Theresa Thompson, SM ’18 
Abigayle Troy, PC ’18 
Sophie Gottfried JE ‘20
Aastha Kc  PM ‘20
Matt Guido BK ‘19
Rohit Goyal BR ‘19
Devyn Rigsby PC ‘19
Nick Girard ES ‘19

Dean’s Advisory on Student Grievances

Governs any case which a student has a complaint of discrimination on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, color, religion, national or ethnic origin or disability, against a member of the faculty of administration of Yale College, a teaching fellow, or a freshman counselor.


Jonathan Kramnick, Chair
Kelly Fayard
Burgwell Howard 
Jennifer Raab
Kobena Mercer
Susan Rose Ackerman
Jane Zhang, BK ‘19 

Education Studies


Grace Kao, Chair
Mary Lui
Mira Debs, ex-officio
Jill Campbell
Lloyd Grieger
Richard Hersh
George Levesque- ex-officio
Kristi Lockhart
Claudia Merson
Brian Scassellati
Stephanie Waite
Jason Stanley
Renita Miller
Martin Klein
Tran Le, JE ‘19
Colin Hill , ES ‘19

Eli Whitney Students Advisory


Ronald Eyerman, Chair
David Evans
Joshua Knobe
Risa Sodi, ex-officio
Patricia Wei
Kerry Worsencroft
Moses Cho, SM ‘20
Frances Fagan, SM ‘19

Energy Studies Advisory


Michael Oristaglio, Chair
Cary Krosinsky
Gary Brudvig
Michael Fotos
Kenneth Gillingham
Julie Paquette
Daniel Prober
Paul Sabin
Mary-Louise Timmermans
Leah Surratt ‘18
Yasat Berk Manav ‘18

Environmental Studies Advisory


John Wargo, Chair

Paul Anastas

Michelle Bell

Gary Brudvig

Amity Doolittle

Alessandro Gomez 

Jeffrey Park

Peter Perdue 

David Post

Susan Rose-Ackerman

Paul Sabin 

Oswald Schmitz

Karen Seto

Shivi Sivaramakrishnan

Ronald Smith

Fred Strebeigh

Paul Turner

Michael Warner

Harvey Weiss

Ethics, Politics & Economics Advisory


Frances Rosenbluth, Chair
Dirk Bergemann
Bryan Garsten
Stephen Darwall
Shelly Kagan
Giovanni Maggi
John Roemer
Susan Rose-Ackerman
Ian Shapiro
Jason Stanley
Peter Swenson
Steven Wilkinson

Executive Committee

The Yale College Executive Committee is responsible for the fair, consistent, and uniform enforcement of the Undergraduate Regulations, the disciplinary rules governing students in Yale College. It receives complaints of alleged infractions of those regulations whether academic or nonacademic. Its jurisdiction also includes other actions on the part of undergraduates that may in the judgment of the committee warrant disciplinary action because these actions may imperil the integrity and values of the academic community or the safety of its members. The Executive Committee may assign penalties as provided in the Undergraduate Regulations, though in some cases authority is delegated to other University officials such as the masters of the residential colleges, the University Librarian, the directors of the Yale computer facilities, and the Executive Director of Yale Dining, who may summarily impose certain penalties for violations of dormitory, library, computer facility, and dining services regulations. Violations of sexual misconduct policies are addressed by the University-Wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct (UWC), which has authority to recommend penalties to the dean of Yale College.

As an institution, the Executive Committee is responsible to the Yale College Faculty and ultimately to the University. The committee is charged with protecting the Yale College community so as to ensure the integrity of academic instruction, the physical security of students, and the preservation of the property and educational resources of the University. The committee is bound at all times to consider the manner in which its actions and decisions may affect the persons and groups—faculty, student body, administration, and staff—whose activities carry and foster the intellectual and residential life of Yale College.


Paul North, Chair

Laura Wexler, Fact Finder

Gregg Peeples, Secretary

Eileen Galvéz, Dean’s Designate

Marci Shore      

Helene Landemore        

Daniel Prober     

Brian Scholl          

Andrew Johnston              

Emily Erikson    

Susan Sawyer, Adviser

Lorraine Siggins, Adviser

Nick Girard ES ‘19            

Michael Bogaty, SM ‘19  

Sean Bland, ES ‘18

Tracy Wang, Saybrook ‘18

​Yesenia Chavez, BR ‘20

First-Year Orientation


Hannah Peck, Chair

Melanie Boyd

Surjit Chandhoke

Andy Dunn

David Evans

Burgwell Howard

Camille Lizarribar

April Ruiz

Risa Sodi

Brian Tompkins

Rosa Vargas, TD ’18

Sunday Swett, JE ‘18

Honors and Academic Standing

The Yale College Faculty has charged the Committee on Honors and Academic Standing to act for it and with its authority in matters of academic rules and standards. A chief role of the Committee on Honors and Academic Standing is thus to enforce, interpret, and apply the academic regulations of Yale College. It also has the responsibilities of administering the award of General Honors and Distinction in the Major and of considering proposals for Special Term Courses and Special Divisional Majors.


Mark Schenker, Chair

Sarah Insley, Secretary

Dana Angluin  

Damon Clark  

Anne Eller 

Shonna Marshall, ex-officio

Kirk Wetters 

Jackson Willis, BK ’19

Steven Tian, PM ’ 20 

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Undergraduate Program Steering


Paul Turner, Chair
James Duncan, Vice-Chair
Jennifer Frederick
Sara Demers Konezny
John Hall
Andrew Miranker
Kenneth Nelson
Charles Schmuttenmaer

Human Rights Advisory


James Silk, Chair
Seyla Benhabib
Amity Doolittle
Crystal Feimster
Moira Fradinger
Inderpal Grewal
Alice Miller
Jill Richards
Thania Sanchez
David Simon
Elisabeth Wood 


The Committee on Majors was created in 2000 to oversee major programs in Yale College. For more information about proposing new Yale College majors and special academic programs for undergraduates, see the Handbook for Directors of Undergraduate Studies in Yale College.


John Rogers, Chair

Nilakshi Parndigamage, Secretary

Pamela Schirmeister

Beth Baumgartel

Sarah Demers

Gary Haller

Grace Kao

Samuel Kortum (fall only)

Steven Smith

Joshua Hochman BK ‘18

Natalya Sanghvi SY ‘18

Brendan Hellweg, SM ‘18

Mellon Mays and Bouchet Undergraduate Fellowship Advisory


Committee Roster will be available in early October

Quantitative Reasoning Council


Joseph Chang, Chair

Sandy Chang, Vice Chair

Dana Angluin

Jay Emerson

Lloyd Grieger

Douglas Kankel

Kurt Zilm

Sam Payne

Nikhil Padmanabhan

ROTC Advisory


George Levesque, Chair

Jack Beecher

Wayne Grasdock, ex-officio

Richard Jacob

Debra Johns

Roman Kuc

Jason Lyall

Thomas McCarthy, ex-officio

Christine Muller

Gregg Peeples

Science Council


Meg Urry, Chair

Sandy Chang, Vice Chair

Amy Arnsten

Mark Johnson

Michael Koelle

Nikhil Padmanabhan

Mitchell Smooke

Valerie Horsley

Science, Technology, and Research Scholars (STARS) Advisory Board


Kurt Zilm, Chair 

Sandy Chang, ex-officio

Hector Arce

Keith Baker

Enrique De La Cruz

Christine DiMeglio

James Duncan

Anjelica Gonzalez

Burgwell Howard

Kenneth Nelson

Risë Nelson

Kailasnath Purushotham

Donalee Slater, ex-officio



Sudler Prize


Kate Krier, Chair

Emily Coates

Johannes DeYoung

Anne Fadiman

Lisa Kereszi

Richard Lalli

John Mangan

Bimal Mendis

Elise Morrison

Teaching & Learning


Kishwar Rizvi, Chair

Surjit Chandhoke, Secretary

Maria Bozovic

Debra Fischer

Jennifer Frederick

Bryan Garsten

Michael Koelle

Jane Livingston

Doug Rogers

Charles Schmuttenmaer

Emily Shandley, ex-officio

Pamela Schirmeister

Becky van den Honert

Joseph Battles, CD ‘18

Hedy Gutfreund, BK ‘18

Sara Seymour, TR ‘18

Teaching in the Residential Colleges


David Evans, Chair

George Levesque, ex-officio

Julia Adams

Margaret Clark

Sarah Insley

Christina Ferando

Christine Muller

Milana Bochkur Dratver, JE ‘18

Steven Tian, PM ’ 20

Undergraduate Organizations


Hannah Peck, Chair

Peter Crumlish

Thomas Duffy

Eileen Galvéz

Burgwell Howard

Marjorie Lemmon

Camille Lizarribar

Kathryn Krier

Vanessa Martinez Cecchini

Daniel Smith

Adriana Ortiz

William Marks, DC ‘20

Hope Newberry, PM ‘20

Steven Tian, PM ‘20

Writing Center Advisory


Catherine Nicholson, Chair

Karin Gosselink, ex officio

Alfie Guy, ex officio

Pamela Schirmeister, ex officio

Ryan Wepler, ex officio

Ronald Eyerman              

Maria Moreno 

Heather Klemann

Yale-New Haven High School Advisory


Risa Sodi, Chair

Ad Hoc Committees

Advising, Placement, and Enrollment (CAPE)


Ian Quinn, Chair

Sarah Mahurin, Secretary

Shonna Marshall, ex officio

Risa Sodi, ex officio

George Levesque, ex officio

Leslie Brisman  

Maria Pinango

Christian Schlieker          

Mark Solomon   

David Watts (spring only)        

Meg Pritchard, SY ‘18      

Devyn Rigsby, DC ‘19

Committee on Alcohol Policy in Yale College


Peter Salovey, Chair

Christopher Connelly ‘06

William Corbin

Linda Degutis

Paul Genecin

Nina Glickson

Caroline Hendel

James Jones

Judith Krauss

Stephen Lassonde

Renee Lopes ‘06

Richard Schottenfeld

Lorraine Siggins

Betty Trachtenberg

Committee on Freedom of Expression at Yale (1974)


Steven A. Benner, Yale College, 1975

Elias Clark, Master of Silliman College, Lafayette S. Foster Professor of Law

James P. Comer, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Associate Dean of the Medical School

Lloyd N. Cutler, Visiting Lecturer in Law, Chairman Yale Development Board

Robert A. Dahl, Sterling Professor of Political Science

Marjorie B. Garber, Associate Professor of English

Walter R. Rieman, Yale College, 1977

Philip J. Sirlin, Princeton, 1973, Graduate Student in Economics

Elisabeth McC. Thomas, Dean Pierson College, Assistant Dean of Yale College

Hillel Weinberg, State University of N.Y., Buffalo, 1973, Graduate Student in Political Science

Harry H. Wellington, Edward J. Phelps Professor of Law

C. Vann Woodward, Sterling Professor of History (Chairman)

Committee on Grading


Ray Fair, Department of Economics, Chair

Russell Adair, Office of Institutional Research

Ronald Eyerman, Department of Sociology

Robert Harms, Department of History

Roger Howe (fall only), Department of Mathematics

Joshua Kalla, Morse College, Class of 2014

Tina Lu, Department of East Asia Languages and Literatures

Paul North, Department of German

Mark Schenker, Dean of Academic Affairs

R. Shankar, Department of Physics

Scott Stern, Branford College, Class of 2015

Ruth Yeazell, Department of English

Committee on Hazing and Initiations


Judith B Krauss, Chair

Thomas Beckett

Rodney Cohen

Alison Cole

John Dovidio

Kyle Farley

Stephen Feigenbaum

Marichal Gentry

Elisa Gonzalez

Jonathan Holloway

John Meeske

Jacqueline Sahlberg

Kate Stith

Committee on Online Education


Paul Bloom Brooks, Co-chair, Professor of Psychology

Suzanne Ragen, Co-chair, Professor of Psychology

Craig Wright, Co-chair, Henry L. and Lucy G. Moses Professor of Music

Dirk Bergmann, Douglass and Marion Campbell Professor of Economics

Rich Collins Program Manager, Yale Summer Session Online

June Gruber, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Jay Humphrey, Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Yehia Khalil, Adjunct Professor Chemical & Environmental Engineering

Diana E. E. Kleiner, Dunham Professor of History of Art and Classics

Linda Lorimer, Vice President of the University and Supervisor of the Office of Digital Dissemination

Bill Rando, Assistant Dean & Director of the Yale Teaching Center 

Laurie Santos, Associate Professor of Psychology

Stephen Stearns, Edward P. Bass Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Lucas Swineford Director, Office of Digital Dissemination

Bill Whobrey Associate Dean, Yale College; Dean of Summer Session & Special Programs 

Committee on Sexual Harassment and Assault Prevention Education


Jasmina Beširević-Regan, Chair

Carole Goldberg

Helaine S. Klasky

Severin Knudsen, BK ‘09

George Levesque

Reva Siegel

Maria Trumpler

Lorraine Van Kirk, TC ‘08

Alexa Verme, SY ‘08 

Committee on Special Academic Programs in Yale College


Jill Campbell, Professor of English

Jane Edwards, Dean of International and Professional Experience, Yale College

Joseph W. Gordon, Dean of Undergraduate Education, Yale College, Convener

Laurence Horn, Professor of Linguistics and Philosophy

Mark Mooseker, Ross Granville Harrison Professor of Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology

John Wargo, Tweedy/Ordway Professor of Environmental Health & Politics, and Chair, Environmental Studies

Committee on Yale College Education (CYCE)

Faculty Committee on ROTC


Gary Haller, chair

O. Keith Baker

James Levinsohn

Linda Peterson

Dorothy Robinson

Joy McGrath

William Whobrey

First-year Scholars at Yale Ad Hoc Committee


Laurie Santos (chair), Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science, Head of Silliman College

George Levesque, Associate Dean of Academic Programs, Yale College; Director of Undergrad Studies, FAS College Seminars and Freshman Seminars; Lecturer in History

Nilakshi Parndigamage, Dean of Ezra Stiles College, Lecturer in Political Science

Steven Roets ‘17, FSY Alum Summer 2013

Preetinder Singh ‘19, FSY Alum Summer 2015, FSY Counselor ‘17

First-Year Scholars at Yale Advisory Committee


Burgwell Howard, Chair

Karin Gosselink

Michael Fitzpatrick

Jeanne Follansbee

Eileen Galvez

Alfie Guy

Debra Johns

Camille Lizarribar

Jeremiah Quinlan

April Ruiz

Sandy Chang

Groups studing expansion of Yale College


Study Group to Consider New Residential Colleges (2008)

Ad Hoc Committee on Yale College Expansion (2014)

Withdrawal and Readmission Review Committee


John Rogers, Chair

Jasmina Besirevic-Regan

Caroline G. Hendel

Sara Samuel

Susan Sawyer

Mark Schenker

Yale College Committee on Social Life and Community Values

The SLCV committee focuses on establishing priorities and making specific recommendations on actions to improve campus culture in Yale College.


Camille Lizarríbar (chair), Dean of Student Affairs
Melanie Boyd, Director Office of Gender & Campus Culture
Ryan Brasseaux, Dean of Davenport College
Carolina Dávila, Assistant Director, La Casa Cultural
Lynn Fiellin, Director of Alcohol and Other Drugs Harm Reduction Initiative (AODHRI)
Andrew Forsyth, Assistant Secretary for Student Life
Dianne Kaiyoorawongs, Student Affairs Fellow
Ronnell Higgins, Director of Public Safety & Chief of Police
Burgwell Howard, Associate Vice President of Student Engagement, Dean of Student Engagement
Sharon Kugler, University Chaplain
Nancy Loucks, Director of Enterprise Risk Management
Hannah Peck, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
Gregg Peeples, Assistant Dean of Student Conduct & Community Standards
Laurie Santos, Professor of Psychology, Head of Silliman College
Susan Sawyer, Senior Associate General Counsel
Stephanie Spangler, Deputy Provost for Health Affairs and Academic Integrity; University Title IX Coordinator
Brian Tompkins, Senior Associate Athletics Director
Student Representatives TBA

Other Committees

Consultation Committee on the Cultural Centers


Judy K. Sakaki, Chair
Mary Grace Almandrez
Karen W. Biestman
Larry D. Roper

Yale Faculty Advisory Committee on Yale-NUS College


Marvin Chun, Advisory Committee Chair, Professor of Psychology, Neurobiology, and Cognitive Science, a member of one of the initial three study committees for Yale-NUS College, and John B. Madden Master of Berkeley College.

Daniel Botsman, Professor of History and Chair of the East Asian Studies Council

George Chauncey, Samuel Knight Professor and Chair of History, Professor of American Studies, and Co-Director of the Yale Research Initiative on the History of Sexualities

Deborah Davis, Professor and former Chair of Sociology and former Co-Chair of the Women Faculty Forum, former Chair of the PKU Academic Advisory Committee, and a member of one of the initial three study committees for Yale-NUS College

Joseph Errington, Professor of Anthropology and former Chair of the Southeast Asia Studies Council

Joseph Gordon, Dean of Undergraduate Education and Deputy Dean of Yale College and Chair of the Provost’s Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies

Valerie Hansen, Professor of History and Acting Chair of the East Asian Studies Council, Spring 2013

Tina Lu, Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies of East Asian Languages and Literatures, and a member of one of the initial three study committees for Yale-NUS College

Daniel Markovits, Guido Calabresi Professor of Law

John Wargo, Tweedy Ordway Professor of Environmental Health and Politics and Chair of the Environmental Studies Major

Laura Wexler, Professor of American Studies and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and former Chair of the Women Faculty Forum