Yale Affiliate Auditing Program for Yale Undergraduate Courses

The information and form on this page are for undergraduate courses only (i.e., courses numbered 100-499).

  • If you wish to audit graduate courses (i.e., courses numbered 500 or higher), consult the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences for its auditing procedures or contact the professional school whose course you wish to audit. 

Are you a current Yale University employee, or spouse of a current Yale University employee, a faculty member, emeritus faculty member, graduate student, undergraduate student, postdoctoral fellow, or postdoctoral associate? If yes, you fall into Category I and may audit Yale College courses in accordance with applicable personnel policies:

  • No fee; form. You may audit Yale undergraduate courses free of charge by submitting a Yale College Auditing Course form with the appropriate signatures to the Special Programs Office. Please read the FAQs, below, for more information on how to get started.

Are you an undergraduate student enrolled full-time in Yale College, a graduate student enrolled full-time in one of the graduate or professional schools, a current member of the Yale faculty, or an emeritus faculty memberIf yes, you fall into Category II:

  • No fee; no form​. You may audit Yale undergraduate courses free of charge with permission of the instructor, and you do not need to submit a Yale College Auditing Course form. See also the FAQs, below.

Are you a Yale University alumnus or alumna, or an alumni spouseIf yes, you fall into Category III

  • Fee; form. You may audit Yale undergraduate courses for a fee.  Please visit the Yale Alumni Auditing Program web page for additional information and procedures.

No persons other than those listed above may audit Yale undergraduate courses.


Which courses may I audit?

The Yale Affiliate Auditing Program offers access to Yale College (undergraduate) courses (i.e., courses numbered between 100-499 only). First-year and Residential College Seminars are not open to auditors.

May I audit a graduate School or professional school course?

To audit graduate or professional school courses (i.e., courses numbered 500-999) contact that school directly to inquire about their auditing procedures. The Yale Affiliate Auditing Program offers access to undergraduate courses only.

Is permission of the instructor required?

Yes. Your course instructor and the director of the Yale Affiliate Auditing Program, Joel Silverman, must sign your auditing form before you may begin auditing. Once you obtain the instructor’s signature, email the signed, completed form to j.silverman@yale.edu, or drop it off at our office located at 1 Prospect Street, SSS 20, lower level. For your convenience, we have a drop-off box on our reception desk. Please note that instructors may set their own auditing policies, and that some accept auditors, while others do not.

Where do I find Yale undergraduate course information?

The Yale College Programs of Study contains a detailed description of the courses offered in Yale College. Online listings are available through Yale Course Search.

When is my auditing form due?

Yale Undergraduate Auditing forms are due on the last day that undergraduate course schedules are due each term; please review the Yale College Calendar of Pertinent Deadlines.

Will I receive course credit for the courses I audit?

Auditors do not earn course credits. If you wish to take classes for credit, please consider applying to the Non-Degree Students Program.

Where is the auditing office located?

The auditing office is part of the Special Programs unit of Academic Affairs and is located on the lower level of Sheffield-Sterling-Strathcona Hall (SSS), at 1 Prospect Street [click link for directions], New Haven, CT.


Joel Silverman (j.silverman@yale.edu