Education Studies

The Yale Education Studies Program, started in 2013, is a unique community supporting the next generation of education researchers and leaders.

Public education is foundational to the American promise to develop individual potential, increase upward mobility and foster a democratic citizenry. Yet despite many years of reform, these promises have not been met in practice; too many children are still left behind. There is a critical need for courageous leaders in early childhood, K-12 and higher education, government and the private sector to act as experts and advocates for education.

The Yale Education Studies program is distinctive as an undergraduate program grounded in the liberal arts. Because the Education Studies program is interdisciplinary, students learn the historical, political, economic and social contexts of US education, practice a variety of research methods, and are knowledgeable about contemporary policy debates. Community engagement, through the field experience, offers students greater purpose, perspective and humility in their academic studies. Students further benefit by contact with leading researchers and education change-makers hosted by the Program throughout the year, and the program continues to expand its offerings to the Yale University community.

Students can apply to become Education Studies Scholars in the fall of their sophomore year, after completing the prerequisite, Foundations in Education Studies (EDST 110). Each cohort consists of 20 students with a range of interests across education practice, policy and research. In addition to their majors, Education Studies Scholars take five Education Studies courses, including a gateway course and electives; complete a field experience; and do a yearlong senior capstone project where they conduct original research or design an educational innovation.

For more information, please see the Education Studies website