Directed Studies

Directed Studies (DS) is an interdisciplinary program in Western civilization for freshmen. One hundred twenty-five students are admitted each year. The program consists of three yearlong courses—literature, philosophy, and historical and political thought—in which students read central works of the Western tradition. Fall term begins with classical antiquity and the Bible and ends with the Middle Ages. Spring term begins with the Renaissance and ends with the twentieth century. Enrollment in DS fulfills the distributional requirements in humanities and arts, in social science, and in writing.

Application to Directed Studies

Enrollment in DS is limited, and the number of qualified candidates exceeds the number of places. Some exceptionally qualified students are offered places in DS, upon admission, based on their Yale College applications. All other students who matriculate in Yale College are invited to apply. Selection is made on the basis of a written essay and statement submitted by the applicant. Secondary school records, College Board scores, and AP scores may also be taken into account. If you are interested in being considered for this program you must apply on line by June 3, 2016. Applicants will be notified of admission decisions by the end of July. If you apply to this program, you may not apply to Perspectives on Science and Engineering. If you are accepted into DS, you may not apply for any courses offered through the Freshman Seminar program.

  • Applications to Directed Studies (DS) are now closed (Deadline June 3, 2016)

If, after reading this material, you have questions about Directed Studies, call 203 432-2920.

For more information, see the Directed Studies program website.